09 Mar 2015

A question about : Ex has income paid via his wife to avoid paying CSA

Hi this has been going on for a few years now and I feel CSA are fobbing me off. My ex pays Ј21.81 a month for our 2 children, his wife doesn't work at all. He runs his own company (think he changed it into wife's name) and claims he only earns between Ј5-Ј100 a week.
In reality, he drives around in brand new Range Rover, has bought a 6 bedroomed house in France, owns a large 5 bedroom house in UK, holidays in caribbean frequently and claims he shall be able to retire soon because he's earned enough.

He always begrudged paying for our children because he thinks the money is for me?! So stupid, no matter how many times ive told him the money is to provide towards childrens upkeep and I would never dream of spending their money on myself.

CSA have told me there is nothing I can do about ex not declaring his earnings to himself and is paying them via his wife. Is this right?

Best answers:

  • Lifestyle inconsistent with earnings. Not sure how you go about claiming that but something you can look into.
    Also, does he get dividends? If so, they can be used as income but you need to ask the CSA to take into account.
  • All I know is that he was a director until 2013. Then his wife became director although she would never be able to handcraft solid oak kitchens from scratch and then work away fitting them like my ex does. And his accounts are all done by an accountancy firm. His wife may do some admin but shes a full time mum to two toddlers.
  • Oh sorry, my husband and I share the same account on MSE forums. He has put a thread on himself too.
    I have got an ex husband who I split from 10 years ago and then I remarried 5 years ago. My ex husband has remarried and now has a family with his new wife.