09 Mar 2015

A question about : DRO help needed

hi .
I wonder if someone can help me . I'm currently applyed for the DRO (Debt Relief Order) , but my quesion is can the creditor refuse the DRO ??. because that what happen to me today when I let one of my creditors know that I'm apply for a DRO . Now I don't know where I stand , if yiu can help that would be fab . thanks title=Smile

Best answers:

  • A creditor cannot refuse the DRO.
    They could object to a DRO if they think they have valid grounds, but it's not their call to refuse it or not. The Official Receiver will decide that.
    What exactly did they say?
  • It's very difficult for a creditor to challenge the award of a DRO. They would have to show that you did not meet the basic criteria, i.e.
    1. That you have debts in excess of 15k
    2. That you have in excess of Ј50 per month surplus income
    3. That you owned a car worth more than Ј1000, or other assets worth more than Ј300 (such as a house!).
    In most cases the creditors don't have the information about you to make that challenge, and they don't get to see the full application, just a list of debts and balances.
    I've never had a DRO revoked because of objections by a creditor - just one self-inflicted by the applicant!