09 Mar 2015

A question about : crochet anyone ?


i learned myself to crochet from watching videos on u tube im currently half way thoeugh a blanket for my little gir

just wonderd if any of you crochet as i think its a skill thats sadly dying out u can make some wonderfull things and the main thing i like is you see results quickly as i get quite impaitent title=Big

The stuff is so cheap too i got a full set of crochet hooks from ebay for about 7 pounds and the wool i get free from freesycle theres always someone on there willing to give you some

I went to a few sewing shops when i first started croching to ask advice etc and it was always the shop owners mothers lol who helped out i would hate to see this lovely craft die out

ive still got a crochet blanket that my grandmother made me when i was very young and its always lovely getting it out and using it to keep warm

It also keeps me busy on a night and stops me eating my way through the fridge lol that can only be a good thing !

theres also a website with 100s of free patterns on it i never buy them http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/

so happy hooking lol x

Best answers:

  • Thanks so much for the link. I used to crochet quite a bit years ago so am probably a bit rusty now. It looks like a good hobby to pick back up.
  • I would love to be able to crochet, might have to check out You Tube for tutorials. I have some hooks and some wool just need to have a go, thanks for the link.
  • Yep I crochet and tbh my crocheting is better than my knitting
    I'm three quarters of the way through a throw at the moment and love curling up on the sofa at nights with my crochet and a good tv programme
  • just to let you know these are the best tutorials i have found on the web http://www.youtube.com/user/tjw1963
  • I like crocheting and am getting the hang of the granny squares at the moment.
    I started off doing crochet fringes for knitted scarves and gloves to practice.
  • granny aquares are good because they dont take too long and can ust do the odd one evently u will have enough to sew together and make a blanket !
  • I used to crochet with my nan when I as younger but 20yrs later I can't remeber how to do it and my nan is no longer with us to ask. I wish I has kept this going as I would love to make one of the blankets my nan made when I was young.
    I'll check out those tutorials for tips and ask for some help in the local shop re hook size, plus any tips from here would be gratefully received!
  • Hi, my Mum taught me to crochet when I was a teenager and still maintains it is the only thing she has ever been able to teach me
    When I was living with me previous house we used to all sit crocheting and knitting, all girls in our twenties, at one point at the end of a house party when most guests had gone we all cracked out our homemade scarves and started crocheting.
    I find it really relaxing and am trying to learn how to turn crochet flowers into something I would like to wear/ give as a badge/corsage/brooch.
  • once ie got little one in bed later im gonna snggle on sofa with my crochet i will finish this blanket whilst its still cold !! lol
  • I crochet & knit, I make granny squares & when I have enough I sew them together to make a throw, I'm on my 3rd one now.
  • I learned to crochet from YouTube, which is weird but I'm addicted now.
    I just do squares and sew them up into blankets. I get all my wool from Oxfam and the Factory Shop if I can - it's expensive otherwise. We have the blankets that match the living room on the back of the sofa (they're quite small, I think they're called knee blankets) and when its a cold night we just snuggle up with one in front of the telly, or whatever.
  • I too crochet and knit - I find it really ralaxing. I have just finished a blanket for my son and I am half way through knitting myself a nice thick jumper I was horrified to see how thin the jumpers are in shops now so it is back to making the family's by hand. I have tried teaching my 19 year daughter to knit but she keeps giving up - I haven't given up hope on her yet
  • Yes I crochet too - I learned it in school when I was little. First we had to learn to knit, next came crochet, and after that boring things like darning socks and repairing jumpers.
    I am about to start a crochet project right now: I bought a simple cotton bedspread that is the wrong size and I'm going to cut it into 4 squares and make two strips in a nice crochet pattern to sew in between: to break the monotony of the thing and to get it to fit just right.
    I'm off on a very long train journey next Saturday, and it will be a great thing to do on the train, works much better than knitting.
  • I crochet have done since i was a kid. The thing with crochet is technique..the holding of the yarn around the fingers to control the tension. Once you have mastered that then its a breeze.
  • I can't remember how to do corners, you know when you do squares?
    We used to have crocheted waistcoats when I was at school ( a teenager lol) and they were really nice. I wish I could do them, they were lots of squares sewn together.
  • Barneysmum - my Mum made me one of those crochet waistcoats too, that has long gone but I still have a few of the "spare" squares she made and I think I still have her pattern.
    I used to crochet years ago but now mainly xstitch and knit. Thanks to the posters for the links to web sites for patterns and tutorials, I might have to start again!
  • They were FAB weren't they mine was orange squares and white edging, I loved it. And we had those white plastic boots with elasticated tops - it's all coming back to me now.
    How I loved Donny Osmond
    Yes I'm going to have to make a new one.