22 Mar 2015

A question about : Council tax debt help (Scotland)

About 20 years ago I moved into my current home. Somewhere during the discussion with the housing association concerning payments I thought I was told that council tax was included with my monthly payment to the housing association. About 10 years later I suddenly got 9 council tax bills for the previous years. There had not been any correspondence from the council previously. I accepted that I had been wrong and sought help from a local debt help group as the council wanted full payment. I know council tax has 20 year limitation but due to me not being aware of the debt the help group was able to help write off some of the debt. I agreed to pay the remaining debt with payments taken with the current council tax payments. I am sure this remaining debt was paid over two years.

Today I received a letter from my bank advising me that they were served with a Schedual of Arrestment and almost Ј1500 was removed from my account. I made contact with the collecting agents and they are saying there is debt of Ј4600 to be repaid. This sum is, I suspect, the total of the 9 bills first received about 10 years ago. I am unable to find the paperwork from when the agreement was made. The debt help group no longer operates.

I am not sure how I should proceed in contesting this debt as it appears that they already have received a court order to collect the funds. I would be grateful for any advice given.

Best answers:

  • National Debtline Scotland have a factsheet on council tax here:
    It wasn't entirely clear to me on first glance how you should proceed. It appears that some parts of the process haven't been followed correctly so whether you can still apply for a time order or not I'm not sure.
    Your best bet would be to contact National Debtline Scotland and speak to someone there.
  • Or speak to someone at your local CAB.