22 Mar 2015

A question about : CCJ question

I have tried searching for an answer to my question but have been unsuccessful so fartitle=Mad

Fingers crossed you guys can help??

I am simply wondering whether, once a CCJ has been recorded, it can be satisfied with a partial settlement offer as I have been managing two within a DMP for a while now. If I ever come into money could I offer lower amounts or could these now only ever be satisfied by repaying the balances stated on the judgements?

Would be very grateful for any thoughts/advice - thank you. title=Smile

Best answers:

  • Hi, we have a debt with a charging order. We are contemplating a full and final settlement and was told by CCCS that we can include them in making an offer so I imagine a CCJ should be the same.
    Not entirely sure, hopefully someone with experience of this will be able to help.
  • Yes, you can. You would have to obtain confirmation in writing that they accept it as a full settlement and that they agree to the CCJ being recorded as satisfied by the court.
  • Oh wow thank you guys, I was mostly expecting that to be a negative response so there is hope by the sounds of it!
    Tasha - your charging order, is that a charge against the property? Because one of these CCJs haven't asked for a monthly payment but have put a charge on the property. Is that the same thing?
    I'm in the process of attempting a re-claim on bank charges and if I'm successful I would love to clear these CCJs, I know it's a pipe dream but am unlikely to beagle to pay them in full either way.
    Thank you fermi, if it happens I'll make sure it's confirmed in writing!