09 Mar 2015

A question about : CCJ info???

How do I find out about CCJ's that I have? My partner, my baby and I are homeless and want to rent a house but have been told we will fail the credit checks with estate agents if we have CCJ's. We know we do have them and would like to sort them out but all the sites that say they give information for free actually charge. How is it possible to sort out your debts if you cannot see what debts you have? What sort of stupid system expects someone in debt to pay to find out about their debts? Can anyone offer any information? Much appreciated.title=Smile

Best answers:

  • I'm not sure how you find out about them, but would it be worth applying for a council house in the mean time so that you have a roof over your head?
  • Hi there and sorry to hear that you are having problems finding out about your debts. I wold suggest calling the Consumer Credit Counselling Service who are incredibly helpful and will be very sympathetic to your situation. Their number is 0800 138 111. They are trained debt advisors and can help you through your situation.
    I would suggest however that before you call them that you get a copy of your credit report. There are three main providers: Equifax, Experian and Call Credit. By law they have to provide you with a Statutory copy of your credit report for Ј2. Some will do this online and others will post it to you. You will need to have all of your address history for the last six years and the report will show you any active accounts, defaults or CCJ's that you have.
    Once you have the information from your credit reports it will give you a better indication of what might be found when an estate agent does a credit check.
    Remember that not everyone has perfect credit ratings. Life throws up many surprises and sometimes you just need to find a way to get through it. There will be landlords that will accept what you have so just be persistent and be honest.
    I wish you the best of luck
  • Noddle is worth a try. Being only one of the 3 they may not carry all the info. But the web search is free for life.
    Be aware that a lot of people seem to get a pack of DCAs get in touch after updating their address with the CRAs. They can place a flag that updates them if your info changes I think.
    Don't discount the local paper. Adverts for a house to rent are often placed by private landlords that don't bother with a credit check.
    There are lots of people on the bankruptcy board that have managed to get rented accommodation during their bankruptcy. It IS possible.
  • We have been trying to find a house privately avoiding estate agents since May with no luck. (Hard to find as we are in a national park) We are staying with family since having to move out of our house at the start of August and are trying to avoid council housing as this would take us in the wrong direction away from family, into the city and out of our rural location.
    It is the credit report that we are trying to get hold of so that we know what debts to pay off , the sites say 'free' but want a credit card number and say they will charge Ј15 a month. No mention of Ј2. Don't want to put a credit card number into a site that pretends to be free then says it is charging Ј15 a month in the small print it doesn't fill me with confidence and just looks dodgy to me. Does anyone know how to get a credit report by a non on line method?
  • Noddle doesn't need a credit card. But it does need an address it can link you to.
    You have a statutory right to your file from all 3. It costs Ј2 for each CRA. Done by post.