09 Mar 2015

A question about : can claim Adiitional Satre Pemsion?

I would like to know whether I can claim the Additional State Pension when I retire. I am a man aged 48.

I am aware that it is based on my NI contributions record as an employee. However, I have been self-employed since my 20s and I doubt that I have more than a year or two of full Class 1 contributions - perhaps not even that.

Presumably this is why I am forecast to get Ј0.01 Additional State Pension per week.

Can anyone tell me whether there is any way I could claim the Additional State Pension and how many qualifying years I would need?to claim at least some of it, as I imagine it is already too late to qualify for the full Additional Pension? Is it perhaps possible to pay Class 1 stamps voluntarily?

Best answers:

  • Additional state pension does not come from class 1 alone, it is based on employed earnings so you cannot "buy" more. The system is changing in 2016 anyway and you will be given a starting figure which is the higher of your current system or new system entitlement. From 2016 onwards you will be able to add to that figure until you reach the new maximum.
  • The additional state pension is earnings-related and is only increased by years worked as an employee when not contracted out. It is not a fixed amount. The minimum number of qualifying years is one or less and you already met that requirement. You already can claim it and your rate would be the Ј0.01 a week based on your contribution record.
    Assuming that you continue to work and pay NI, even as a self-employed person, you will probably get the full flat rate state pension.