26 Feb 2015

A question about : Buying Christmas Ham

Where do you get your joint of ham/gammon from?

Do you buy smoked or unsmoked? I sometimes find that smoked is too salty!

There is masses of choice around but if anyone has any recommendations I should be grateful.



Best answers:

  • We got a few smoked from Aldi, it was Ј6.99 for a 1.9kg think it works out are Ј3.69 a kg, very tasty. We slow cook ours in coke and molasses.
  • I got a smoked joint from Sainsbury's, Ј8.81 for 3k. I baked it with cloves and brown sugar.
  • I buy mine in Asda Ј4 for 750g which is fine for me and little one I also slow cook mine and have enough left over for 4 other meals ans sandwhiches
  • I buy a medium sized unsmoked gammon from sainsburys.
    I'm not sure the joint actually makes a huge amount of difference and think what you do with it is more important. To reduce the saltiness I put mine in a large pot of cold water and bring it to the boil then drain the water and repeat twice - some people soak the joint for hours/overnight, but I find the boil and drain method works better and is much faster.
    To cook the joint I boil it in something sweet - sometimes cola, sometimes a mixture of cranberry juice and spices, before glazing, studding with cloves and finishing in the oven. It always comes out really tasty and not too salty. I buy a joint that's double what I think we'll eat because the leftovers make fantastic ham sandwiches....I really look forward to my christmas ham!
  • I got a nice piece for my DD at my local butchers and it only cost me Ј6.00 I cooked it overnight in my slow cooker with a can of full fat coke the day before christmas eve and in the morning it was so tender you could have cut it with a fingernail we had some on Christmas evening,bit on boxing day with cold cuts of turkey & salad etc and some sarnies the day after and I had the last with some egg and chiops the day after that.Jolly good value and it went a long way I have a bit in my freezer that I'll cook in the New Year and use for salads,pasta etc as it really does streeetch beautifully