26 Feb 2015

A question about : buyers address is a unconfimred gsp shipping address

hi there ive sold a brand new kindle on ebay and just sorting the postage out for tomorrow.
they have given me a ref and a unconfirmed shipping address

GSP Shipping Centre, 1 Langham Park
South Normanton, Derbyshire
DE55 2GF
United Kingdom
Unconfirmed /

they are based in Ireland.

I was going to send recorded but i think special will be better even if it costs more, anyone else had this, should i be worried.

Best answers:

  • should i request that they make there address confirmed before i ship.
    found this on ebay. seems like a global shipping program
    The Global Shipping Programme is an easy way for business and private sellers to reach millions more buyers with minimal changes to your current processes. This new programme is designed for sellers who don't currently offer international postage on their listings. Benefits include:
  • You simply send your sold items to a UK address - the international postage and paperwork (where applicable) is all handled for you.
  • We show international postage costs on your listings and communicate these to your buyers.
  • We'll include any customs or import charges in what your non-EU buyers pay upfront.
  • Postage with an international tracked service from the UK Shipping Centre to your buyer.
  • Once your item has arrived safely to the UK Shipping Centre, we'll protect you from any delivery-related defects against your seller standard.
  • The Global Shipping Programme works by automatically showing international postage costs on your eligible listings to prospective buyers in other countries at no additional cost to you. Your items will be available to buyers from selected EU and non-EU countries.
    Eligible accounts will be automatically enrolled into the Global Shipping Programme from September 2014 onwards. You'll be notified in advance by email and you'll have the option to opt-out if you don't think it's for you.
    Here's how it works:

  • We'll notify eligible sellers when listings are being enrolled into the Global Shipping Programme.
  • International postage charges are automatically shown on your listings and paid in advance by your buyer. You only pay for postage costs to the UK Shipping Centre, where your parcel will be processed for international delivery.
  • When one of your items sells, you simply post it to the UK Shipping Centre using your usual postage service. The address is automatically provided as the 'Post-to' address for the order. The address includes a unique identifier code. This is so the UK Shipping Centre can identify your item - always include this code on your address label.
  • Isn't that the address for ebays Global Shipping Program? Seems you may have opted into the program for international postage items.
    Does stuff posted to Ireland use this normally?
  • Nothing dodgy here - that's the address for eBay's own shipping centre for their Global Shipping Program.
    You send there, eBay send on to Ireland - presumably the Irish Republic, otherwise the GSP wouldn't apply.
    EDIT - 2 posts in while I was writing mine!
  • If you look on the Paypal transaction, there's the buyer's name and a reference number. Make sure these are on the package.
    But yes, fine to send there, I've sold dozens of items via this and never had an issue.