09 Mar 2015

A question about : Beware Boots points deals

After reading about a deal for 750 Advantage Club points for spends of over Ј50 valid only for last Thursday I took my card off to my local Boots store and stocked up on goodies to the tune of Ј72. However, at the checkout I was informed that although this was a larger Boots as specified in their Terms and Conditions, that particular store wasn't participating. A very irate email to Boots customer services on my return gleaned the reply that the particular store in question had decided not to participate in the promotion.

Just thought you should be aware that if you go for any of the Boots deals you may be subject to the manager's whim on the day so beware.

Best answers:

  • Also watch the extra point coupons, sometimes they're not as good as they seem, for instance the 750 points when you spend Ј50 used to mean an extra 750 points, now it's just 750 points wys Ј50 which includes the 200 you'd get for spending Ј50 in the first place.
  • I think you will find it was made quite clear by Boots which stores were participating....
    Customer Services are also NOT honouring the points if you went to a different store.
  • I think it is quite common for some shops within large chains to not be part of nationwide promotions. Kinda sucks if you find out the way you did, after spending ages looking for things to buy, but I don't think you are the first person to have this problem or that it is only Boots that do it. I understand your frustration though and perhaps these large shops should make it explicitly clear they are not part of such and such a promotion rather than having it hidden away somewhere on their website where no one will see it.
    Did you travel to another Boots to get the purchases / points?
  • I used a voucher today, spend Ј15 and receive 150 points. However when I got home and looked at my receipt. Yes, the 150 points had been added, but for my Ј20 spend I only received 20 points instead of normally 80. First time I have ever noticed them do this.
  • Cherydee, the 20 point you got were for the Ј5 spent between Ј15 and Ј20. You only got 150 points in total for your Ј15 spend. (so an extra 80 points on top of the 70 you'd normally get, not such a great deal when you look at it, but a small bonus I suppose )