26 Feb 2015

A question about : Basic bank account before or after?? DRO

I'm so sorry if this is answered somewhere I did search and found recommendations for basic bank accounts but I would like to know when about to enter a DRO is it better to open a basic bank account beforehand or after? If I open one before the DRO so I then need to inform barclays once I have the DRO in place?

Best answers:

  • As a rule of thumb, it is much easier, and better, to have a new, safe, account open and ready well in advance of submission of the DRO.
    The Insolvency Service should inform creditors of the granting of a DRO.
  • It is better to have it in place before because I did not and my bank (Who I owed nothing to) closed my account without warning. This lead me with difficulties as I had no bank for payments to go into. I was able to open a barclays account afterwards and informed them I had a DRO which was no issue. I would still advise getting a new account (basic one) sorted prior.
  • thank you both
  • I'd avoid getting an account with HSBC (or first direct and M&S all same bank as I understand it)(edit - as they are known to close accounts of insolvent people upon them finding out, even if you owe them nothing). It is also a good idea to avoid banks that you owe money to (or other banks in same group). I would certainly ensure your wages/benefits aren't being paid into a bank you owe money to a they may try to offset
    It certainly wouldn't hurt to open the account now (probably not worth switching,as many of your DD will not be needed when DRO is granted).
    I think it may help if you use your account for a bit before DRO as this shows the bank you have income and can manage your account (so they will be less nervous when the find out about the DRO)
    Hope this helps