25 Feb 2015

A question about : BARCLAYS BANK PLC-LEXISNEXIS RIS on my equifax report

Does anyone know who/what this is? This was only done a few days ago, I bank with Barclays but have not asked them for anything recently.

LexisNexis http://www.lexisnexisrisk.co.uk/lexis-diligence.php seem to be some sort of risk management company.

Best answers:

  • Similar thing here I think
  • It's just an anti money laundering search, banks tend to do them now and again.
    It's nothing to worry about as the searches are not visible to other lenders.
  • If you change your address over the phone and don't have a telephone banking passcode then the adviser does a soft search of your credit file and asks you personalised questions to verify your identity. You are advised of this before the search is done.