09 Mar 2015

A question about : Another HB Query, sorry!


Am hoping someone can help me as all the calculators I use seem to give me conflicting information.

I am currently on maternity leave, therefore in receipt of Ј135.45 SMP per week. My husband earns Ј162.60 per week and we receive Ј108.05 CTC per week (3 children) and Ј47.10 CB per week.

Our rent is Ј675.00 pcm (private landlord) and LHA is Ј150.00 for a 3 bed house.

The council calculator says Ј122.00 HB per week, while turn2us and Gov.uk say about Ј25.00 per week.

Does anyone know which is right?

Best answers:

  • Put your details in to the benefit calculator on here:
    This will give you a very good idea.
    Don't forget that your LHA is Ј150 per week. You need to be careful with this.
  • Hi,
    I did try turn to us but, it's saying about Ј25 per week, I just can't understand the disparity between it and what the council's own calculator is saying.
    Things are getting pretty tight here I don't mind admitting. so don't want an over inflated expectation!
    Husband was promised more hours before I went on mat leave and his company have failed to honour it, choosing to take on more part-timers instead, which has rather left us up the proverbial creek.
  • Did turn2us say that you were getting the right amount of tax credits?
    You say that you receive child tax credits. Do you not receive working tax credit? If you didn't because your annual salary was too high, have you notified then about your change of circumstances - that you are on maternity leave and asked for a recalculation?
  • Hello both,
    Thanks for taking the time to reply. We don't receive WTC, I did update tax credits with an estimate for us both this year (12/13) of Ј18K which, I believe, takes us just over the WTC threshold. As it stands I think we'll be coming in at about Ј17K come April. I was allowing a bit of leeway to avoid an overpayment.
    TCO are also clawing back an overpayment so, where our tax credits should be Ј165.00 per week, they are now Ј108.00.
    None of us are disabled, thankfully!
    All this is out of my spectrum of understanding tbh. Earnings for 11/12 were Ј27K jointly.
  • I do understand about not wishing to cause an overpaymnt just trying to get you some more money during this period of time!
    You did deduct Ј100 per week from your maternity pay in the estimate for tax credits didn't you? - as the first Ј100 a week is disregarded.