09 Mar 2015

A question about : 2 free samples of organic Tea, Hot chocolate or coffee

I hope this one is legit?


Get your FREE Sample here
Experience a premium taste with the benefits of Ganoderma - a powerful nutraceutical that's rich in antioxidants & has great health benefits.

More than 200 nutrients in one cup!

Enhance your immune system, fight tiredness and improve your general well-being.

Pure, natural and 100% organic teas and hot chocolates available too.
Black Coffee
Cafe Latte
Cafe Mocha
Green Tea
Red Tea
Hot Chocolate

Best answers:

  • I applied for samples yesterday and got an email saying they would be sent out on the same day.
    Today I got an email from Richard Lee saying
  • I got the same e-mail and thought of reporting Sarah too :P
  • thanks a lot
  • Ironically this link has Richards video also on youtube
  • I haven't received any samples yet just many emails.
  • It's now just one sample per household