09 Mar 2015

A question about : 2 Bed flat rewire quote

Hi all,

I've recently bought my first place with my partner, and after one small job leading to another during our renovation we decided the next step would be to have a rewire before continuing on with anything else as the flat had old 1960's pyro cabling and couldn't have any extensions added to it so we'd need to have need rings added to solve this.

Anyway, the flat is based in south london and is a small 2 bed 1960's (solid concrete job) block.

We had an electrician come in this week to have a look around and quote us on a full rewire, chasing in the cables where visible (i.e. by light switches etc) and trunked where it can be hidden.

His quote was Ј3,840 inc vat. title=EEK!

The break down was;

Cooker point
Boiler point
7 twin switched sockets
2 light and switch
Kitchen cupboard
New 10 way high integrity consumer unit All relevant earthing.
Spur for underfloor heating and connect heating
Outside front door
New half lantern switched from inside
4 twin switched sockets
1 light and switch
Hall cupboard 1 twin switched sockets
Hall 1 light and switch
1 light and switch
Bedroom 2
2 twin switched sockets
1 light and switch
Main bedroom
1 light and switch
3 twin switched sockets

My question is, is this quote really high or about right? I was planning on getting in another electrician anyway for a comparison but I just wanted to general feel for prices. Looking online I've seen London prices for rewires range from around Ј2500-2800..

Any help is appreciated.


Best answers:

  • what level of repair will be done? will they replaster and skim leaving it ready to paint?
    In Surrey last year I paid Ј3400 inc vat for a full rewire of a 3 bed semi, but that was just to bond coat (so no skim) as I was getting the plasterer in later in the renovation.
    As always, get a few more quotes but that does seem on the high side, even for London,
  • We have a plasterer coming after to skim over the walls so the electrician was only going to finish with bonding plaster.
  • If they were doing it correctly then it's a attractive price loads of chasing in to do but
    you can add to pyro easy looking at quotes apart from not enough sockets, switching etc throughout no smokes, phone, data etc nothing about extractors and concrete flat in London your going to need them even if the rooms have windows i.e. kitchen, bathroom…etc there either a novice or cowboy get someone else in
  • Our two bed Victorian house in York just cost us Ј3500 and we only had the main part of the house done, not the kitchen/bathroom extension. It didn't include plastering afterwards but did include a lot of future proofing, e.g., leaving the electric ready for a loft conversion with shower and a new extension.