25 Feb 2015

A question about : los pandos vineyard


has anybody had any dealings with Los Pandos? - ROI seems to good to be true



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  • No info but I'd check google.
    You know what they say when something looks too good to be true!
  • Has something to do with these guys - http://martinclews.com
    Quick google doesn't bring up anything that suggests it's bad. It's just the return promised ringing the alarm bells.
  • Investment is in Euros....other currencies will be converted to Euro equivelant.
  • Did you really just join to tell us that, or do you have another motive.
    Sorry to doubt you if genuinely trying to help, but if you're ramping this unregulated "opportunity" you will be banned.
  • Two things ring alarm bells:
    1. "Returns fixed at 30 - 39%" that's not quite in the "too good to be true catagory" (I saw something on Twitter yesterday promising 4% per month!) but nevertheless, how are they "fixed" what happens if the return isn't achieved, how is the "fixed" element provider? The usual? OPM? i.e. Other People's Money
    2. "SIPP & SSAS approved" THERE IS NO SUCH THING! There is no higher being which approves SIPP and SSAS investments, it is down to each SIPP or SSAS provider i.e. the trustee, to determine whether the investment falls within HMRC guidelines. If you are investing in land then it probably would be, but if you are buying vines then it wouldn't be as its tangible moveable property. Either way there is no such thing as "SIPP approved".
    Given the Spanish economy I'd probably avoid this, of course I would have just spent 5 minutes writing this and it's just a ramp by the OP.
    The Canny Saver
  • just seen your smug comment.....I have nothing to do with this investment...just stating information that anyone could have found if they could be assed.....won't bother in future.....
  • I have a small investment in Los Pandos, it should be coming back to me soon, I think. I did a lot of research on this as it is a very interesting development. They have spent years developing this model, working with the government and providing jobs for the local community and bringing old vineyards and estates back into use. The paperwork from some of the partners they involved to do work on their behalf is astounding, over my head. Soil, rainfall, etc., etc., and with companies who have worked on huge project overseas. One of their agents used to ring me and chat about it early on but he wasn't that well and recently I have heard nothing, but it is a long term plan with further options as some have mentioned and it is still an ongoing project. You can call them from the UK free or drop them an e-mail and they will give you the low down, whether you are intending to buy or not. There are many other investments with 20-30% and higher options if you look around and particularly under the eco banner. All have a lot of protection and often money goes into Escrow accounts and/or is on load and has backup, however investments are just what they say and one can always lose money. I guess the main thing is if you have the money, can you afford to lose it (as that can be a possibility even in the banks, as we know) but perhaps more importantly just how annoyed are you going to be if you do lose it, for there is no point if you spend even an hour pulling your hair out over it. Have a look at Emerald Knight Website and RE Industry as a couple that I have dealt with. They aren't the only ones, but it gives you an idea of what is available. There are some very interesing projects coming up and in operation in Dubai. Fascinating to research even if you don't invest. It is also useful to plan what you might want to spend it on otherwise you end up with lots of dosh and no plans and then the tax man might get it all in the end! The tax part of it is somewhat fiddly and you do need to keep good accounts or go mad along the way, especially as some developments have similar names and loads of paperwork. Sometimes I don't know which investment I am dealing with and an accountant might be useful, but you still have to provide him with the figures.
  • My three year investment in Los Pandos was due to mature in January 2014. Having heard nothing I made contact and was informed that there was a delay and this would be resolved in mid-February. We have now reached 19th February and I have still heard nothing. I am now becoming concerned. Has anyone heard anything about Los Pandos recently to allay my concern?
  • i agree, Biggles.
    i hope it works out for you, Murrpet, but i think your concerns are justified.
  • Hi I invested part of my SIPP in Los Pandos through Stadia Trustees. Two of their people have visited and found that things have not gone so well out there. Staidia have confirmed that the land exists and Martin and Clews exist. At this moment in time that is all they will confirm. I may hear more by in the next week or so. At this moment in time my gut reaction is that I am going to loose a fair bit of my pension. From what I can gather there is a defunct vine yard and thats it. Martin and Clews appear to be in hiding and not answering my questions
  • Stadia Trustees contacted me through a company call Planning For Retirement, they have since disappeared totally with no trace. The los Pandos investment is due back at the end of March. After reading the link in your post it sounds like Stadia are in trouble as well. The more I delve in to this the more I think my money has gone for good> Not really sure what to do next. Thanks for the Stadia info
  • Martin & Clews have closed their offices in Marbella. My wife invested Ј25k in a SIPP for Los Pandos and it should mature in July 2014. We are not holding our breathe after the comments on here and the person who sold the SIPP to us has not communicated with us since we invested. It looks as though we have lost the money. It all sounded feasible to start with.
  • Anyone wishing to join a group issuing proceedings against M&C to protect their investment should contact Jaime Montoro at BSA lawinspain asap.
    The more that join the class action, the less the share of fees for all.
    kind regards
  • What makes people fall for this sort of thing time and time again, and with money they cant afford to lose?
    No wonder their are fraudsters on every virtual street corner, there is so much low hanging big money fruit out there to cyber-pick!!
  • I didnt realise that this site was for people just to make sarcastic comments...i think its important to remember that whilst everybody is not an experienced investor normal members of public expect just an element of trust from certain sectors...in this instance the 'trustees' has a large part to play in it...ironic isnt it