25 Feb 2015

Buyer says they bought the item in error

A question about : Buyer says they bought the item in error

If I refund them will I be out of pocket in fees?

Best answers:

  • If you have not dispatched you will not be out of pocket bar the 20p Paypal fees.
    Cancel and refund.
  • Apologies, I did mean buyer.
25 Feb 2015

Non-performing seller

A question about : Non-performing seller

I won a pair of designer for a ridiculously low price.
They are Ј249 and I won them for Ј26 plus postage.
I had a feeling the seller would have been peed off with such a low-selling price.
Yo and behold, today I got a message from him saying he got the size wrong and they aren't a size 39 but in fact a size 36 so he'll refund my money.
My best friend is a size 36 so I sent back a message telling him so and asking him to still send them to me.