23 May 2015

Wednesday 5th November

A question about : Wednesday 5th November

When we start out on the DFW trail we do loads of big stuff that makes quite a difference to our situation. These include having our lightbulb moment, cutting up the credit cards and cancelling Sky and the gym .

But once we have done the bigger stuff, we often feel that we are not making the same amount of progress, when in fact the small steps are helping us form good financial habits and helping us get closer everyday to staying in control and becoming debt free, or staying debt free.

23 May 2015

This time Im going to crack it

A question about : This time Im going to crack it

Have been playing ostrich too long now.. so looked into a debt management company.. after going through an hour or more of finacial info they essentially want to sign me up to something which means I pay all my debt plus about 3k for them passing on my payments (I think not)
so Ive taken the step.. set up plans with two creditors... about to try and set up the next two (and thats me done with then)

23 May 2015

Question for folks on DMP.......New Bank Account

A question about : Question for folks on DMP.......New Bank Account

Hi, im currently in the early stages of a DMP, just need to send copy of payslip and sign relevant forms. I was advised off Stepchange to open a new bank account and transfer wages, direct debits over due to me having an arranged overdraft with Lloyds Bank.

Any recommendations........My credit score is trashed due to AP in place with other creditors?

23 May 2015

Guidance on figures for a SOA

A question about : Guidance on figures for a SOA

I remember ages ago the National Debtline rep said something about the guidance figures they use. Anyone know where I can find this? Been searching & searching!