23 May 2015


A question about : Barclaycard

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23 May 2015

CCJ With Incorrect Amount

A question about : CCJ With Incorrect Amount


My wife found that she had a CCJ that she didn't know about when checking her credit file for the first time this year. The CCJ was more than 5 years old.

After investigating, we discovered that the CCJ was for fees for a course that she had registered for and ended soon after starting. The fees were for the amount of time between enrollment and quitting the course.

23 May 2015

At the last stage of my journey, finding it tough

A question about : At the last stage of my journey, finding it tough

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23 May 2015

Wages Arrestments

A question about : Wages Arrestments

Hi there everyone,

I'm new and not sure if this is the correct thread so please correct me if I'm wrong!

I'm posting on behalf of my partner who is in a bit of a pickle having received 2 separate earnings arrestment orders, one from the CSA and one from Scott and Co. He is the person in the office most often and has both of them (one was received on 23/11 and the other this week) and he is scared to give them to his boss as he works in a Legal firm.