23 May 2015

Debt, no idea where to start

A question about : Debt, no idea where to start

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Hey guys,

23 May 2015

Restons solicitors

A question about : Restons solicitors

Back in 2006 I defaulted on my credit card, overdraft and loan with HSBC. I was unemployed at the time and have had low income ever since. Every debt collector that the debt got sold on to time and again were always fine when I explained my circumstances, sent them my income and expenditure and we agreed small repayments.

23 May 2015


A question about : advice

hi everyone,
I have loans with the following people which I am struggling to pay at the moment. The companies are
Smartloan Ј204 a month
Savvy Ј176
Pounds to pocket Ј176
Sunny Ј303
Wage day advance Ј82
Payday UK Ј519.11
118 118 Ј109

I would really appreciate advice on whether to go with payplan and do a debt management plan or whether to try and negotiate with them myself?


23 May 2015

Making repayments but it wont show on my credit report

A question about : Making repayments but it wont show on my credit report