23 May 2015

Not sure where this belongs...

A question about : Not sure where this belongs...

...I can't seem to find an appropriate board, so as it relates to a debt of sorts, thought I would try here. Please redirect me if not appropriate place.

Needing to make a claim through small claims court. I am unsure who needs to be the defendant - it is against a nursery, but it is not a limited company so could also cite the manager as defendant. As i can name two defendants, would it be better to cite the manager and the nursery? Or just one?

Thank you

23 May 2015

Very....telephone call charges

A question about : Very....telephone call charges

My friend was late paying her monthly payment to Very, she just completely forgot. They called her to ask why and she paid it. Fast forward to her next statement and they have charged her Ј12.50 for calling her?! I'm guessing that will be in the very tiny small print and lesson learned? Or can she dispute it?

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    23 May 2015

    Pay off debts, or extend the house?

    A question about : Pay off debts, or extend the house?

    We have a sizeable chunk of money available to us, via an inheritance (around Ј60,000)

    We have five credit card debts between us. Three are with DCAs, the other two are having minimum monthly payments, or fractionally over, made - Ј100 each per month.

    The debts with the DCAs are being paid at Ј125 per month, Ј30 per month and Ј50 per month.

    This makes a total of Ј405 servicing the debts.

    I want opinions as to what is the best way to proceed here.

    23 May 2015

    Credit report viewed now in tears......

    A question about : Credit report viewed now in tears......