09 Mar 2015

A question about : ZZPS fine help

Hi there,

At the back end of last year my car was parked regular space at my local train station before commuting to work.

Little did we know, an independent company had come in and set new regulations regarding where you can and cannot park within this carpark.

I returned that evening to find a pcn notice on the windshield, and that day I had taken my partners car instead of my own.

We researched this particular fine and most of the advice we found stated that as an independent company (not government or police run) there was only so much they could do and likewise without proof of the driver at the time of the incident they could not press the matter much further without suing the incorrect party, so we ignored it.

We recieved two follow up letters from ZZPS stating Ј150 was owed in Pcn charges, having continued to ignore them we have now this morning recieved a letter from their so-called solicitors Wright and Hassle threatening court action if Ј168 is not paid within 14 days and that they could have a CCJ issued against my partner if we do not cooperate.

Can they do this? What would happen if we ignored this further or should we just pay and be done with???

Best answers:

  • Wright Hassall, what a great name for a solicitors' firm!
    What scum parking company is it? (ZZPS is merely a debt collector, some other company issued the fake fine).
    And who does the "solicitor's" letter say to contact? (I'm guessing it says to contact ZZPS, thereby giving itself away as just another threatogram from ZZPS to whom the solicitors have pimped out their letterhead).
  • last update on there website was 2013 http://www.wrighthassall.co.uk/knowl...debt-recovery/
    OP , which parking co was it ?
  • Thank you for your fast response.
    It does say to contact themselves not ZZPS..
    It looks fairly official and I'm pretty sure my partner will probably be very concerned and want to pay it. I however, would rather not if it means funding these types of predators!
  • you still have not named the parking company, only the debt collector
    so for the third time , which PARKING COMPANY is it ?
  • Wow I just saw that myself, that hardly shouts that they're an upstanding business. It was Vehicle Control Services Ltd who operate the carpark and correspondence since that date has been from ZZPS only.
  • Incidentally, the chances of legal action are vanishingly small. It's a railway car park so chances are it's covered by railway byelaws. This would mean it's not "relevant land" within the meaning of Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, which in turn means that the vehicle keeper can't be held liable, only the driver could be - and they don't know who that was!
  • I'm not very technically minded so I'll have a go at uploading the letter itself.
    Incidentally it was just after. How come?
  • Thanks for the advice, I will do that shortly!
  • I've had a letter like this too after paying Ricky at PTAL which it now appears isn't legit.
  • I have been given some information on the wording of this supposed Wright Hassall letter and I'm awaiting confirmation that it really says what I've been told it says.
    It's hilarious if so, and is something the SRA may well want to hear about...
  • I Have received a the same Wright Hassall letter worded as such.
    Wright Hassall Reference
    PCN No.
    Vehicle Reg.
    Issue date
    Parking event
    Car Park Operator
    Outstanding Balance
    We have been instructed by the above client in connection with the recovery of the debt, which has been incurred following the failure to repay the PCN. As a result of persistent non-payment a Ј18 administration fee has been added to the outstanding balance and we require you to make payment in full within the next 14 days.
    Failure to make payment in full or contact us to discuss repayment of this debt may result in us recommending to our client that we pass this matter over to our litigation department. This may mean they will look to obtain a CCJ. The possible impacts of having a CCJ registered against you are:
    . Negative impact to your credit rating
    . Prevent future lending
    . Affect current employment or future prospects of employment
    . Enable enforcement action to commence, such as obtaining an Attachment of Earnings, placing a Charge on your property or applying for a Warrant of Execution (instructing a bailiff)
    Please call us on to make a payment by debit of credit card, this is the simplest and quickest method of payment or alternatively please send a cheque to the above address, quoting our reference number.
    Please note that free independent advice and assistance can be obtained for the free independent advice organisations in the attached overleaf.
    We hope to resolve this matter without the need of reviewing your outstanding liability; therefore we look forward to hearing from you.
    Yours faithfully
    Hope this helps you guys. The initial fine is for stopping for a minimum of 20 seconds outside john lennon airport... Scumbags!
  • Hi sam_winty .....
    if you are posting just information then fine ....
    but if you want further come back re your case then please start a new thread
    also have a read of the 'newbie' thread for further info ...
    it will remind you that it's not a fine!