22 Mar 2015

A question about : Would you?

Opinions please!

Would you rent out your house for a couple of weeks?

I might have the opportunity to rent my house out to a visiting family for a decent amount of money. I'm not convinced but it would help pay off debts.

Would you do it?

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Best answers:

  • Hi,
    well if you're close to any big sporting event, like golf, some folk do it for the time of the tournament, and they hit the sun, aye go for it, though, I think there might be tax implications.
  • Thanks for replying.
    Yeah - its for the Commonwealth Games.
    I'll have to check the ins and outs of it but I'm very tempted! Every penny helps!
  • I would if I could be sure they wouldn't trash the place
  • I personally wouldn't. I think its a great idea in principle and I have a friend who does, but I couldn't, I am too private a person and a bit of a hoarder.
    If I had a minimalist life and a very clean tidy organised house I suppose I might think differently.
  • That's definitely a concern.
  • I think your house would had to be free of all clutter and personal objects.
    Rental insurance?
  • I'm quite a private person but I'm hoping to move house when I pay off my debts so I think I'm becoming detached from the place.
    I think it would be a bit weird BUT it would make a big difference towards paying of debt and that might make it worth it?
  • Hi,
    remembered an old thread on same topic some time ago, might get some tips here.
  • I think it is a good idea
    I would do it to help reduce debt if I could do it for a worthwhile amount.
    It would only be during the games for you which is only a couple of weeks?
  • Where would you live? If you have somewhere to go then, yes, I'd do it.
  • Yes I would, provided I had somewhere else cheap to stay and somewhere to stash the family jewels safely. And I had the time to write clear instructions on how to use the hot water, washing machine etc.
    What about the phone line? Don't want any long distance calls, can you change it to incoming only for a couple of weeks?
  • Personally no. I don't think I could do it. Also what would happen to your house insurance? If even be uncomfortable about post being delivered/missed etc.