09 Mar 2015

A question about : World Book Night: one million free books to give away


You can apply on the website to be a 'book giver' by chosing your favourite out of 25 books and writing (max 100 words) why you have chosen the book and then separately in 100 words who you would distribute them to.

The closing date is 9am Monday 24th January (extended from previous deadline).

20 000 people will be chosen to each receive 48 copies of their book (free!) to collect from either their local library or book shop on the week before 5th March (the date of World Book Night).

Successful applicants will be contacted on 28th January.

I've done my application - not telling you which one I chose though!

Best answers:

  • I am also amazed this hasn't been on before, but thanks it gave me a heads up!
  • It's actually posted on the main MSE website as Book night in the side column
  • Seems like a lot of effort when you can get the book free from your local library !!
  • All quiet on the Western Front for me
  • Nice idea, but a shame that you cannot apply individually for one book. That way everyone who got one would really want it and get the one they wanted.
    Great for charities though.
  • posted here:
    also posted here:
  • thanks i might have missed this if you hadnt posted
  • I just knew the Reluctant Fundementalist was going to be on there. Really don't know why, just knew it would be. As if it was some sort of psychic sense.
    I might look into this and distribute them in college.
    It's quite a good book, the way in which it is written is really quite something, as if a one way conversation between you and Changez (the protagonist)
  • Nigel Slater's Toast is on there. I didn't know he had a biography out but it was on television recently.. just after Christmas I think. I really like his style of cooking. I found the televised version of "Toast" surprisingly good He actually starred in it too towards the end!
    I think I would enjoy reading the book.
  • I was really surprised by how much I liked Toast on the box. It had a great sense of the time.
  • Oh for goodness sake - I feel well and truely slapped on the wrist (not!). Does it really matter? - I think not. Just as well I am not a newbie though otherwise I would feel quite intimidated by this sort of thing.
    Just relax please and go and read a good book!