09 Mar 2015

A question about : Wireless Thermostat

Currently have a wired thermostat for the CH however this is shortly going to end up in a cupboard. Rather than drilling a hole in the cupboard can I replace the wired thermostat with a wireless one.

Photo of current thermostat:


How about replacing it with something like this:


Got to get the boiler serviced anyway should a competent plumber be able to swap them over in a couple of minutes?


Best answers:

  • Unless you are in the house all day, I'd go for a Digistat 3+ RF to let you programme a pattern of heat on weekdays and weekends.
    You'll find that the wires from boiler to thermstat instead go from boiler to wireless receiver unit. For some reason many plumbers are flummoxed by this!
  • The best RF stat for the money is sold by PlumbCentre under the centre brand.its made for them by Honeywell and is either programmable or manual and its portable or wall mountable as you wish,and its under Ј50 which means you stand a chance of seeing a return on your investment.
    There isn't a better bargain in the heating industry. The Honeywell version is getting on for three times the price, and its pretty well the same device
  • I had the PC Ј50 job fitted, the HE charged Ј90 for the fitting, ie Ј140 overall!
  • CM927 in sheeps clothing?!?!?