09 Mar 2015

A question about : Will Tesco give me clubcard points?

Hi all.
In 2004 I took out car insurance with Tesco and have remained with them to date. During this time I have paid over Ј8K, and, despite requesting the award of 'Clubcard' points previously I have not received any.
Has anybody successfully been awarded points that have not been issued or do i have any realistic chance of being awarded all/some of the points?
My first post, I would appreciate any advice from those with experience of reclaiming points from Tesco.

Best answers:

  • Don't you get 250 points for car insurance.
    Do you really think they are going to give Ј8ks worth of clubcard points (Ј800 or Ј3200 in deals)
    Get real.
    They only give points on NEW signups not renewals aswell.
  • I suggest you read the t&c of the offer you had, and then contact them!
  • I had the same problem, they never gave me my clubcard points.
    I did enquire and they said it was because I paid in monthly instalments by DD.
    Not sure if the same is with you.
  • That's a lotta points!
    I would doubt very heavily you will receive any of these points back.
    You may get Ј10 - Ј50 worth as a goodwill gesture but I would highly doubt you'll get a massive amount.
    As others have said, double check the T&Cs and then give them a call
  • You don't get Clubcard points for Tesco Car insurance points!
    It stopped almost two years ago.
    If you quote a CC No. you get a better deal.
    There may be promotional points, but again you would need to give your CC no to have them.
    Any 'old' points could only be authorised (where applicable) by the Dept the came from.
  • There was promotional points that should have been added for me, but as I said before because I paid monthly nothing.
    So please check if you paid your insurance premium in full or by dd.