09 Mar 2015

A question about : Which TV?

Looking to buy a TV over 42 and under Ј500 ish.

Best quality picture & sound possible, not bothered about freeview as it will be linked to Sky. 3D would be a bonus but I know that will put the price up so not a must have. A nice slim frame, it won't be fitted to the wall.


Best answers:

  • This 47" LG 47LB580V has some incredible reviews (although I haven't seen it in person to give you my opinion, sorry!). Amazon's overstating the RRP a little bit, but their current price is over Ј50 cheaper than most other places selling it I think.
    Basically you'll always be fighting with screen quality vs sound quality at this kind of price range; the thinner the TV (most Full HD TVs now are really quite thin), the worse their speakers tend to be.
    If you're set on the 3D, they do this same TV as a 3D TV - the LG 47LB650V is still a Full HD and 47" Smart TV etc, but it is Ј60 more expensive than the first one I linked to. Both are under Ј500 though!
    Hope this helps in any way
    EDIT: Oh! Forgot to mention, if you'd rather get your TV from the highstreet than order it online, Argos and Currys sell this too (and I just checked - Currys has them both for the same price as Amazon).