09 Mar 2015

A question about : Which Supermarket pizzas use real cheese

As you may or may not know supermarket pizzas tend to use a cheese substitute called Cheese analogue. I was just wondering which pizzas sold in supermarkets use real cheese (if any).

Best answers:

  • Most supermarket pizzas use a cheese analogue to get the cheese to freeze, cook, melt and to get the colour and texture all just right. A real mozzarella cheese might after defrosted and cooked be too wet and the product won't end up as the manufacturer wants it. A drier cheese might burn too quickly.
    Make your own....OK it's not that easy wanting a pizza now and making the bases and waiting for the dough to prove so just buy plain bases or pre make them well in advance and freeze them. Put sauce on it and the cheese of your choice on it. Throwing the stuff on top of a pre made base only takes a few minutes.
  • I'm not that fussed about them using cheese analogue. I'm just wondering if any supermarket pizzas (chilled, frozen or made from a pizza counter) use normal cheese.
  • I've just checked quickly online
    Tesco Everyday Value Cheese And Tomato Pizza 480g Ј1.50
    Cheese contains: Mozzarella Medium Fat Semi Soft Cheese (Milk), Cheddar Cheese (Milk),
    Tesco Everyday Value 12" Pepperoni Pizza 460g Ј1.60
    Mozzarella Medium Fat Semi-Soft Cheese
    If they're using cheese analogue it should be listed in the ingredients. This applies to takeaways (if they describe a pizzas as having 'cheese') as well as supermarket labelling. It's a prosecutable offence to misdescribe cheese analogue as cheese.
  • Goodfella's frozen pizza lists mozzarella and cheddar cheese amongst its ingredients.
  • Out of interest, can you give an example of supermarket pizzas that ^don't^ use real mozarella cheese?
  • The fresh pizza counters at Morrison's and Asda use a mix of cheese which includes mozzarella and is bulked out with other cheese. The fresh pizza counters at Tesco and Sainsbury both use only Mozzarella (I know as I got them to check due to food allergies).