26 Feb 2015

A question about : Where's the best place to sell DVDs?

I'm hoping you lovely people can help.

I've got a bunch of DVDs that I've watched once and would happily sell, but cannot seem to find the best place. They're run of the mill so will only be worth a couple of quid at best.

I sold one on Amazon for Ј1.15 + postage, but found after Amazon took their chunk, and I paid for (second class) postage, I was left with 27p. title=Embarrassment I'd rather keep them than let them go for that.

Is there anywhere I can pocket at least Ј1 for each DVD?

Best answers:

  • eBay? I usually get more than that for old DVDs. Worth waiting for one of their regular free-listings days.
  • You can look at completed listings on ebay to see which dvs sell and for how much. Most don't sell these days but the odd one might be worth something.You might have more luck selling them as a job lot.
  • You could always do a 'job lot' listing where you advertise your eBay listing as a random selection of DVDs, but make sure you list some of the DVDs that you are going to include in the box! I've seen people do that on eBay with DVDs and also CD albums. Again, you won't make a huge amount of money out of it, but some thing is better than nothing I guess.
    If you work also, do you have a notice board you could list your DVDs for sale with a price next to each title? People could then contact you if they were interested.
  • Example... as I didn't explain myself very well!
  • ebay for me, but boot sale if you want way to unload them. But its winter now.. decision.. decisions..
  • Ebay is a hassle and not worth the time and effort for what you get back. The price of DVD's new makes second hand ones worth virtually nothing.
    Boot Sale is def best place just to offload them, but you won't find any outdoor ones this time of year.
  • Thanks everyone for the good ideas - I'm quite liking the job lot idea. I reckon I could do a good chick flick set which would make a good pressie!
  • Hi
    Was wondering if you had tried CEX. They take DVD's and PS3, Xbox games etc.
  • If you are prepared to exchange rather than get cash you could try an independant, presuming one available to you. They may offer comparatively little per disc but a better exchange rate, allowing you to choose other items.
  • Don't forget Play.com. Their fee structure is much easier to understand.
  • If you have something in mind you want to buy, you may be better trading them in at something like cash converters of blockbusters. They will probably give you the best return on your money, whilst allowing you to contribute towards something else.
  • Cashcon tend to sell DVDs for Ј2-3 and buy them in at no more than 75p. Try listing the same ones on Amazon and Play. Whichever sells first, cancel the listing on the other.
  • does music magpie take DVD's?
  • yes they do - theres plenty of alternatives now too
    Try the following
  • I've listed a few DVDs on Amazon at 1p as that's the going rate (I generally find I profit from p&p), if after a week or so they don't sell, they're going in a pile for MusicMagpie or similar because I can get 30p or something for the ones Amazon are listing for 1p.
  • have you looken at zapper. com, hope they are ligit as I have just posted a load off to them, they can me a better price on some dvds. Did take ages searching through all the sites and comparing what they were offering but worth it now I have got rid of them and hopefully a load of cash!!
  • Do you have a CEX near you? You can go onto their site and they'll tell you how much they'll pay for each dvd before you go in.