25 Feb 2015

A question about : What Frugal/Cheap/Old Style websites do you visit

Here is a couple apart from MSE that I visit.

http://www.fool.co.uk/ -LBYM forum. I don't post often but do pick ideas up

http://frugalliving.about.com/index.htm?terms=frugal -US website but rather like here where people chat. Click on forum on the Left hand side near the bottom of the page.

I visit the above daily.

This one I visit about once a week.

http://www.savingadvice.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=3 -Again a US site.

So what websites are on your list on must visit.



Best answers:

  • I use www.fixtureferret.co.uk which lists all the bogofs and special offers in all of the major stores; www.vouchercodes.com which gives you vouchers for all kinds of money off and extra points and so on and my favourite is www.pigsback.co.uk which is a fantastic site where you get piggy points when you spend at loads of places online (all major retailers not weird sites) and then you can redeem your piggypoints for vouchers for same stores. I regularly get free CDs and DVDs from CDwow with my points. There is a thread all about pigsback somewhere but I don't know how to post a link to it.
  • http://frugalhomemaker.com
    i visit these all infrequently mainly have a nose when i've got spare time and pick up tips here and there.
    daily i tend to just come here,and freecycle(www.freecycle.org)
    weekly-ish i visit the fool LBYM board.
  • Thanks everyone. This thread has been a great help. I have recently had problems with my PC and unfortunately lost many of my bookmarks - including precious ones similar to the ones listed above. Now if anyone knows the address of a site which compares wine prices. I think it is called bargain booze or something similar.
  • www.bobsfreestuff.co.uk is a good one
  • just found www.frugalvillage.com looks to be quite good and forums too.
  • I visit http://www.savingadvice.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=3 too.
    I've been trying to complete registration on one called frugal genius a uk site that looks quite good but won't let you in without registering, which is fine but they've left me waiting for approval for a few days.
  • I like http://www.stretcher.com/index.cfm but you have to wade through a lot of Americanisim. The articles can be pretty good but they must have a limited number of contributers as they repeat a lot of the articles time and again.
  • not entirely frugal oriented but useful in a frugal lifestyle
    i can also second the dollar stretcher site, i've used that periodically for years
    frugal genius will hopefully have a new website (the other one is defunct) maybe in the next 6 months or so depending on time finances and my family life settling down... collecting info, designing etc as i have time
  • I don't really have much time to get on many frugal sites but I do go on my local freecyclers website: http://www.freecyclers.org.uk/
    I've given away a highchair, baby toys and cot mobile to plaster materials and I got a free sewing machine...plus advice and offers of help with other stuff like applying for an allotment. Its a really great site if you've got one running near you.
  • I'm usually posting or reading most days on the forum at http://www.frugalliving.about.com
    This one was suggested on there recently and I am still poking about on it - it is quite nice : http://www.cindysporch.net/ there are some sheets for doing pantry inventories and I like the shop at home motto!!!
  • Like Katie said www.frugalliving.about.com. Those American gals are just great!! Very inspiring. Also good to hear their philosophies and economizing as you just seem to hear about the gas guzzling greedy consumerist Yankies and these girls are the exact opposite.
  • anyone know what has happened to bobs free stuff? i cant get onto the site at all
  • I often buy DVDs for presents and always check for the best prices on www.find-dvd.co.uk
  • Another American site but with a lot of handy OS hints. Luckily I could ignore the 'Rid your pet of skunk spray smell' hint but I've put this on my bloglines list of monitored blogs and have found it consistently useful. Her tip on how to keep a paint tray clean was so obvious I couldn't believe I had never done it.
  • Thanks for that.
    Have added to my favourites to have a good look later. Am addicted to organizing sites.