09 Mar 2015

A question about : What are the badges for?

I've just noticed I have a little shopping trolley badge on my profile picture.

On investigating, it seems that 'one of my tips made it into the weekly email' ??

How would I find out what that was? As for the life of me I can't think what it would have been?! title=ROTFL

Best answers:

  • I got one for haggling apparently. Not sure exactly what I'd haggled for though or what I'd posted about haggling. Just got a random PM saying yay you got a badge.
  • when did it appear on your profile?
  • Sadly, I remember what I got mine for
  • Hi hieveryone
    You should have received an automated private message at the time it was given.
    Can you let us know if you definitely didn't receive it in case there's a problem sending?
    If you have got it, the date you received it should give you an idea when one of your threads was in the email and when - just check the weekly email from that week - as most Money Tipped badges should be given out the same week.