09 Mar 2015

A question about : Weekly Spend Challengee w/c 11 Mar 2012

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Weekly Spend Challenge. This challenge is open to anybody, no matter what financial place they are in.

On this thread please post an amount of money you wish to stay below within the week (Sunday to end of working day on Friday). This can be pennies or thousands it depends on the individual. Then next Saturday report back and pledge for the following week. The challenge runs from Sunday to Friday so we don't include Saturdays but feel free to change the rules to suit you and include Saturdays or start on a different day.

Feel free to update this thread with daily spends if that keeps you on track. We colour code the results as below:

Green - within budget
Red - overbudget
Purple - zero spend
Orange - made money over the week

This is a little bit of fun but for many it highlights the fact that maybe that magazine/chocolate bar isn't needed. Hopefully your spending habits can be changed forever.

Moozie was the founder of this challenge and here is a quote taken from her:

Originally Posted by Moozie:
Good afternoon lovely DFWs Now for anyone looking in, please feel free to join - the more the merrier! Basically, decide on the amount you want to spend up to from Sunday until the end of the working day on Friday then pledge it here and off we go! The challenge is about incidental spending and not for stuff that should be budgeted elsewhere such as bills, groceries, debt repayment etc but you decide what to include at the end - this is about changing your habits and improving your recording of your spends more than anything else. Have a great week everyone and keep it low!!! Moozie x

Good luck everyone.

W/C 4th Mar Challengers / Pledges /Total Spent
pointypenguin Ј40 / Ј39
elsiepac Ј25 / Ј23.70
wannabee_in_credit Ј10 / Ј4.78
mon1o Ј50
EverTheOptimist Ј10 / Ј4.03
EC12345 Ј9.50 / Ј14.10
abundant1972 Ј10 / Ј4.04
freebyfifty Ј5 / Ј0
pixnmix Ј20
WelshDreamer Ј12.31 / Ј15.20
Bailey's Babe Ј5 / Ј0
chris81418 Ј50
Barbeduk Ј4.63 / Ј5.80

link to last week's challenge

W/C 11th Mar Challengers / Pledges /Total Spent
pointypenguin Ј60
elsiepac Ј20 / so red you may as well call me Santa Claus
abundant1972 Ј10 / Ј13.66
freebyfifty Ј5 / Ј0
EverTheOptimist Ј30 / Ј10
Barbeduk Ј25 / Ј18.85
Bailey's Babe Ј5
wannabee_in_credit Ј10
daisy_butterfly Ј10 / ?!
EC12345 Ј15 / Ј11.05
WelshDreamer Ј20
acl2009 Ј10
donna dynamo Ј25
koike09 Ј10

Best answers:

  • Hello everyone
    Welcome to the shiny new thread!
    I'm probably going out later, but not a spendy day planned. At worst I would imagine a drink may be purchased!
    Going for Ј20 this week. I've been really spendy so far this month, and I HAVE to try and reign it in so I really don't want to spend anywhere near this! However, it's only 3 weeks yesterday that I fly to SA, and 3 weeks today that I land there!!! Whoop whoop!!!
  • Thank you for the new thread LC.
    This week I need to pay for Thurs lunch as the mums are being invited in for school dinner with year 3! Luckily school dinners are much nicer than they were when I was at primary school!
    Also, I need to get a mothers' day card and take my mum out for a treat.
    So think I'm going to go for Ј25. Good luck everyone!
  • Last week was purple
    This week I am going to pledge to spend no more than Ј5
    Thanks again LC on running the thread
  • Hi LC
    Last week I disappeared into the ether a bit (grrrr to real life) but came in green at Ј4.78/Ј10
    I'll pledge another Ј10 this week please. And pledge to try to get on here a bit more often than I have been.
  • I'm a complete newbie so hope that it's OK if I gatecrash?
    Please can I pledge Ј10?
    I'm not including things that I already budget for... is that cheating?! Things like a birthday present which I put money aside for each month already etc.
  • Welcome to the challenge daisy_butterfly.
    You can include whatever you like, everyone has their own way of budgeting and include all sorts of things.
    I also budget for pressies separately, so i dont include those in this challenge. I include all incidental spends, things that i don't need and am generally wasting money on. But also meals out and treats. But not food, toiletries, cleaning products, petrol.
    Good luck with the challenge.
  • Evening folks
    Thanks for the new thread. Can you put me down for Ј60 again this week LC please?
    Welcome to daisy_butterfly
    I have a few things planned this week as I am going to the theatre on Wednesday and dinner before hand, theatre ticket is paid for but I need to pay for dinner. I am expecting this to be Ј15-Ј20. Then we are having a girls beauty night with girls from work (they give us a massive 40% discount) where I am having a facial I am expecting this to be Ј20ish as we usually chip in for wine and nibbles. That leaves me Ј20 for anything else which seems easy enough as long as I make sure I take lunch with me.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.
  • A red week for me - had a few sushi treats at lunchtime so please put me down as red at Ј14.10.
    Want to do two exercise classes this week so please put me down for Ј15 this week. Hopefully will be under!!
    Good luck
    EC xx
  • Last week was a red week Ј15.20/Ј12.31 so not to bad
    Ј20 for me this week please Lc x
    Sunday -NSD
    Wednesday- slimming world, pot to shops to top up fruit n vag so always find something to spend pennies on !!!
    Thursday- school run and work not a lot else planned.
    Friday- Work then pop to Aldis
    Saturday- WALES WILL WIN THE GRAND SLAM LOL !!!, work sadly for me and not a lot else planned,
    Sunday- Hoping to be spoilt rotten and not spend a penny lol
    well thats the plan we will see...
    Have a fab week all x
  • Hi I'm new
    Whilst I'm not in debt I definitely spend money that I probably don't need to!
    Just checking that this doesn't include what I call "already accounted for" money! e.g. I have a separate groceries shopping account with money in for food shopping so all grocery items come out of that?
    Out of my money I only want to spend Ј10 this week so please put me down for that!
    Thank you!
  • Hi I would love to join in. Got Zumba this week and haven't got my Mum a present yet so 25 will be my spending limit this week.
  • Good Morning
    I spent the whole of yesterday cleaning the bloomin' house. I seem to spend my weekends cooking, cleaning and shopping Never mind, my house is clean and tidy (for about 10 minutes when the kids get up) and it got me a NSD yesterday
    Sunday - NSD
    Have a great Monday x x
  • Hello all
    I had an afternoon with my friends in town yesterday, only really went to Primarni...Pradamark...you know the one! I spent a total of Ј33.50 (not this budget!!!) but I got 2 pairs of pj's, 2 handbags, a washbag, a bracelet and 8 pairs of socks. Don't think that's too bad personally!
    From this budget I got a pretzel (uber-yum!), then later a coffee and little cake in Starbucks. Total of Ј7.40 spent. No plans this week except work, so no plans to spend more...we'll see what the week brings!
    Sun 11 Mar: Pretzel, Starbucks - Ј7.40
    Mon 12 Mar: Planned NSD for this challenge!
    Welcome to the new joiners, I've updated the first post, and as usual please let me know if I've mucked up anything hugely obvious!!!
    Have a great Monday all (I'm shattered, really struggling today and got to leave for work in an hour...
    LC x
  • Evening all
    Sunday - NSD
    Monday - NSD - was supposed to be out for tea but my friend had to let me down. so should easily come under budget, but will have to carry over what is left to next week as i am probably seeing her then instead.
  • NSD for me today! Hooray... I feel much more like my old self than I have done for ages. I wish this feeling would stay instead of the feeling that my head might explode.
  • Evening all
    Good news we now have broadband *happy dance*
    No spends to report today as I manged to take lunch with me today and resist the urge of coffee
  • Good Morning
    With two days until payday there is zero cash spare so I am hoping my run of NSDs will continue.
    Sunday - NSD
    Monday - NSD

    Have a great Tuesday x x
  • Please can I pledge Ј10? i do not know what the mean?
  • Hi all
    welcome koike09and good luck, I've added you to the first post, everything should be explained there but please shout if you're not sure!
    I've already gone over budget...pub yesterday after work and today spends on a bottle of Amaretto and some chocolate and some hobnobs to replace the pack of my mum's that I secretly scoffed last night, how embarassing... and HOW expensive are they???!!! Ј1.75!!! NEVER again!!!
    Sun 11 Mar: Pretzel, Starbucks - Ј7.40
    Mon 12 Mar: Pub Ј9.18!!!
    Tue 13 Mar: Amaretto, chocolate etc Ј8.72
    total so far Ј25.30/Ј20 BIG FAT RED!!!
    I'm seriously running out of money now, so need to be careful for the rest of the month!!!