09 Mar 2015

A question about : Water leak but there are 4 properties running from the same connection

Hi, I've just received a letter from the water board saying that there is a leak to the water supply on my property. I've discovered that there are actually 4 houses which all run off the same connection. I happened to have been off work last week when an engineer came round. He said that this is a leak that should have been fixed 6 - 12 months ago. I've only owned my house for 2 months. The guy had a look around my house and garden but couldn't find any evidence that the leak was on my property, rather than any of the other 3 on the same connection. The first property of the 4 is currently vacant and the owners for that asked for the water to be disconnected but this would obviously mean that myself and the other 2 occupied properties would have no water. The letter (which seems to have been sent to all 4 houses) says that it is our responsibility to have the leak repaired within 14 days.
Obviously this problem existed long before I lived at this address and as there is no evidence that the leak is on my property rather than any of the other 3, I don't really want to spend money getting anyone out to look at my house. Any suggestions please?

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