26 Feb 2015

A question about : Warning and advice about LCS Utility Investigation Civil Enforcement Debt Recoveries

I got a letter asking me to provide info of my name (they don't know), length of time at the address i just moved into (they have no clue), name of previous occupier (they have no idea), forwarding address of previous occupier (they are stumped), landlords name and telephone number (like it wasn't already given to them by british gas) and any other info i deem relevant to this enquiry. I know that this is stage 1 in their bully campaign, i will soon receive letters telling me i owe them money for the previous tenants bills to British Gas.

All they do is buy the debt from British Gas and then bully people to get the debt paid, that is how they make their money and they use some horrible tactics to do it on innocent people.

Having dealt with these LCS bullies before, the very best advice i can give to anyone who gets their letters is screw the letter up and put it in your bin, do not respond to them by any means, they have to go to court for debt recovery and it will cost them dearly when they lose the case.

British Gas are also to blame, it seems British Gas do not inform this company of any other details except there is a bill outstanding.

If LCS pay you a visit politely tell them on your doorstep to get lost and that you do not wish to help them with their enquiries at all, give them no information whatsoever.

This company is nothing but a debt collection service, they have no right to visit you or demand monies unless they can prove you are the debtor.

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  • Hi, I just got a letter like this sent to my house.
    I am a student, living with three others, and don't really know what to do.
    I am probably going to email them anonymously asking what this is in reference too, but if it is just phishing I don't want them to know I've bitten!
  • Hi aceface, Don't email them, don't call them, tell them nothing, this is my second letter from them as follows:
    My name
    My address (i have no clue how they found this but its not legal to demand cash from anyone on false grounds)
    case ref ???
    our client ref: British Gas
    Client ref:????
    Balance Ј138.73
    I write with reference to the above mentioned case number and outstanding British Gas invoice.
    We have recently undertaken an investigation into the Dual Fuel supplied at (my house number and address and postcode) between 22/05/2010 and 24/10/2010. (i did not sign the tenancy agreement until 24th oct 2010 and did not move in until 27th oct 2010 so this is total fabrication, lies, bully tactics and trickery to get me to call them)
    Our investigation has led us to believe that you are the person(s) responsible for the use of this supply and we need to speak to you urgently in order to arrange payment of the account from yourself.
    Quickest over the phone by debit/credit card.
    Cheque/Postal order - by post - please include your reference number payable to LCS.
    Standing Order - instruction from your bank to ours.
    online at www.firstnow.co.uk All major credit/debit cards accepted.
    If you wish to discuss the account further please contact our offices without delay on 0844 543 9084 or email contact@lcsdr.com> Your response within 7 days of receipt of this letter would be appreciated.
    Please note that all the information received is regarded with the strictest confidence.
    Yours Sincerely,
    R.Carter (Rebecca Carter)
    LCS Civil Enforcement.
    OK what they are trying to do is get me to contact them and give them a forwarding address of the previous occupier, i have not used gas as they have stated, its a total lie and i hope they read this forum.
    So what happens now?? Well, nothing, i won't call them, email them or anything else, i will await the third letter threatening baliff and all sorts of enforcements, jail time etc etc, and i will post them here.
    I hope someone does find it useful.
  • hey Widelats, I haven't got anything else from them yet, and haven't contacted them either.
    I'm not too worried tbh - I will be moving out of the house in May time and it takes longer than that to do anything more.
    I hope it all goes ok with you!
  • The latest installment of this ongoing regime of threats, lies and deceit is as follows. I just wish they'd hurry up and take it to court, i'd like to see how much it costs them or British Gas for a failed case.
    Regarding duel fuel at ????? (my address) between 22/05/2010 and 24/10/2010.
    Despite previous attempts to secure payment on the casewe have not yet found a resolution with you and are now let with no alternative than to pursue you for the full amount. Therefore it is with regret that you leave us with no alternative but to pass your account to either:
    Solicitors - who may issue legal proceedings
    A local Representative who may call at your home to secure payment. Please note that there may be a charge for missed visits.
    Our clients will not close this matter until full payment has been recieved. If for any reason you are unable to do this is imperative and in your best interest (their typing error not mine) to contact us immediately on 0844 543 9084 or email contact@lcsdr.com quoting the above reference umber.
    Should legal action become necessary and the court order remains unpaid the following may take place:
    A Bankruptcy Petition may be made in line with legislation and balance on the account.
    A deduction under court order directly from your employer (Attachment of earnings).
    Seizure of your personal belongings by a court appointed bailiff.
    County Court Judgement) (their spelling error again, not mine) or Scottish Decree in Scotland - registered for up to 6 years - resulting in difficulty in obtaining further credit.
    You should also be aware that you would be liable for considerable cost and interest if legal action were taken. We therefore urge you to act quickly and pay this account today before any unnecessary action and charges are brought.
    The quickest payment method is by telephone using a debit/credit card. All postal payments should be sent to the above address quoting our reference number and made payable to LCS or Leeds Consultancy Service. Alternaatively visit our website where you can pay online at firstnow.co.uk
    Rebecca Carter
    LCS - Civil Enforcement.
  • God what a horrible letter. Stay strong!
    PS - I am a 3rd year law student... if I can do anything to help?
  • I don't think you can help, but then again i don't need help the case will not go to court, i have dealt with these jokers before they will send a couple more threats and may even send a visitor to my house, but this is all a way to get a forwarding address of the previous occupier (they can legally bill him) but i will tell their visitor nothing.
    Thanks for the offer though, other innocent people should do the same as what i'm doing, don't call them, email or have any communications with them whatsoever.
  • This bunch keep phoning me about an alleged debt I owe even though I left the address a year before their dates. I made the mistake of phoning them and although my phone number is not listed I get a phone call every week from them. Must admit I missed their calls over the xmas season. I find it quite amusing that they keep trying even though I have repeatedly told them its not my debt. They ask for proof of my not living there to be sent, bloody sure im going to do that! I insist they send a little man out to my address and I will willingly show him the paperwork I have... I'm still waiting. Lesson to be learned here DONT phone them, their system must log your number and then you get a heap of phone calls. For once regarding a debt i'm in the right so I just keep playing and playing I really want this to go to court. Mind you last phone call I received was at about 10.15 today and I lost the plot with the little plank on the phone he got a right mouthful hope they taped it so I can hear exactly what I called him and told him to do!
  • The latest instalment as follows, i can rearrange this latter into common English as hello, we tried to extort cash from you by lies and deciet, threats, bullying and harassing you but this seems not to have had the slightest effect, so instead of just leaving it we will try again this time with a discount involved, better to get some of the cash nothing i guess, heres to hoping you'll buckle and pay up for things that you have not done, take care
    my name,
    my adrdess,
    Our Case Ref:
    Orr Client:British Gas
    Offer of Settlement - Without Prejudice
    We have previously written to you concerning your outstanding balance of Ј138.73 owed to the above named client. We are disappointed to see that despite our efforts the balance remains unpaid.
    We have recommended to our client two potential scenarios for the recovery of this outstanding debt.
    1. We will instigate formal Legal proceedings against you within 10 days. Further expenses may incur including court fees, legal representation, interest and admistrative charges.
    2. We provide you with an opportunity to settle the account now and take advantage of a one off full and final settlement discount of 20% (i.e. the amount required to settle this account will be Ј110.98)
    This will be your only opportunity to settle the account at a discount. We strongly urge you to take advantage of the reduction, made without prejudice and subject to withdrawal and expiry after 14 days from receipt of this letter.
    Please contact us on 0844 543 9084 within the timeframe indicated above to make payment.
    Yours Faithfully
    Rebecca Carter
    LCS-Civil Enforcement
    I expect the next letter in around 2 weeks time i hope it helps someone in the meantime.
  • I had the same type of letter from them dated 18\10\2010. im still waiting to hear about legal proceedings. Wonder if they will ever give up on me?
  • It just happened to me. I got a letter from the same people saying I am responsible for the gas and electric supply from my previous address from 7 December 2009 to 18th july 2010. But I moved out of my old address on 6th Dec 2009 and British Gas closed both my gas and electric account the following day.when I gave them my final meter reader for that address. I am now living at a new address where I have been living since 6th dec 2009.
    And I can prove that I moved out of my old address on 6th Dec 2009.As I am on benefits and my the benefits people will not pay housing benefit for 2 addresses. So it would be impossible for me to be still living at my old address as well as my new address. And I am a council tennant and my old address was a temporarily flat with the council which they moved me out of on 6th Dec 2009 to a permanent flat. Which is where I am now. I have been living at my new home since 6th Dec 2009 not at my old home which I moved out of on 6th Dec 2009.
    And British Gas said all their records of me are up to date and they did close my gas and electric account at my old address on 6th dec 2009.
    Which means I am NOT responsible for paying any bills at my old address from 7th Dec 2009 to 18th July 2010 because I moved out on 6th Dec 2009,so I no longer live there. And all my bills from the old address were all paid up. British gas told me I did not owe them anything outstanding from my old address. And I am still with British Gas here at my new and current address. And my account here is in good standing all my payments are up to date and my bills have been paid.
    So I just don't know why I have been sent this letter from LCS a company I have never heard of until now. The DSS and the council who moved me from my other address to this one KNOW that I moved out of my old address on 6th Dec 2009 to this address where I am now.
    So how can they be asking me for money for gas and electric at my old address from7th Dec 2009 to 18th July 2010,when I am no longer living there. And everybody the DSS,the council and all of the official people know it?
    British Gas KNOW I moved out of my old address on 6th Dec 2009 and closed my account for my old address. I made sure that they did.
    I advise you to get in touch with your gas and electric company as they should know the date you moved out of your old address. Are you sure that you gave them a final meter reading the day you moved out of your old home? And did you make sure that they closed your gas and electric account for your old address? This is something YOU MUST always do,when you move house. So you do not end up paying someone else's bill.
    I do not owe any money for my old address from 7th Dec 2009 to 18th July 2010. Because I moved out on the 6th Dec 2009 as I explained so I am not obliged to pay that bill for my old address. What they are saying is NONSENSE. And if I have to I will seek advice from a lawyer/solicitor if they do take action against me. Barbara.
  • I moved out of my old address on 6th Dec 2009. And I phoned British Gas,on 6th Dec 2009. and gave them my final meter reading. For my Gas and electric and they said they closed my account for my old address. And sent me the final bill forwarded to my new address. Which showed I was all paid up for my old address and that they closed my account for my old address.
    But as you know I got a letter from LCS Dept collectors saying I owed British Gas money for Gas and electric at my old address. from 6th Dec2009 to 18th July 2010. But I moved out of my old address on 6th Dec 2009.
    So I phoned Britsh Gas because when I phoned LCS they were rude to me and closed the phone on me. And I found out from British Gas that I do owe money for utilities at my old address from 6th Dec 2009 to 18th July 2010 despite the fact that I moved out on 6th Dec 2009.
    The reason is that listen to this-They said-when I gave my final meter reading on 6th Dec 2009,Britsh Gas did close my account. BUT it was opened again the following day again in my name! It is an error on their part not mine.
    I asked them how do I straighten this out? They told me, I have to go to the council and get a letter from them confirming I moved out of my old flat on 6th Dec 2009. And then send the letter of confirmation from the council to British Gas and they wil let it go. As the letter that I moved out on 6th Dec 2009 is proof that I left my old address at that date and that I have not lived there since that time.
    So I went to the council today and they wrote a letter confirming this. And I am going to send it to British Gas.
    I suggest you too should get a letter or something in writing from your landlord,or whoever is in charge of your last address where they want to bill you from. As evidence that you moved out of your old flat when you said you did. And proof that you are no longer living there.
    Actually,each time I phone up British Gas I get a different customer service advisor. And each one tells me a different story confusing me further. The last one I spoke to said I don't need a letter from the council and I don't owe money. The next person I speak to says I do. So I am just going to send in the letter from the council confirming that I moved out of my old flat the day I said. I just want my problem resolved.
    I am very angry that they are accusing me of owing money and are trying to bill me for utilities used after I left my old address. When I made it clear to them at the time that I have moved out on the date I said. And yet they are billing me for gas and electric used after the time I moved out which is not my responsibly. As I clearly told them on 6th dec 2009 that I am moving out today and they said they took the final meter readings and closed my account. But now 18 months later I get a letter out of the blue telling me I owe money.When I am not even living at that address any more. They are asking for Ј130 but it is not the point. Barbara.
  • I agree with you. First of all it is unbelievable that the customer services advisor could be so stupid.British Gas knew I was moving because I told them two weeks before the move.They told me to give a final meter reading on the day I move out so that they can close my account and send me a final bill,to my new address.
    So I phoned British Gas on 6th Dec 2009 the day I moved out to give them a final meter reading to closed my account. But the next day they reopened the account in my name and did not tell me. So when I moved to my new address the account at my old address had NOT been closed and has been open all of this time,due to THEIR error. Which is so stupid.
    As it is obvious that if I am moving out which they knew I was before I told them. After I rung to close the account to pay the final bill which I did. Why did they re-open it again in my name the next day,when I made it very clear to them that I am moving? Are these customer services advisor's thick or something?
    As I am still with British Gas at my new address. They did not have to go behind my back to the LCS dept agency. If they had a query about my old address they should have just told me themselves. At the time I moved into my new address. That my account at the old address is still open and just asked me if I am still living there.
    Then I would have just told them no. And would have been happy to produce the letter from the council then. To prove that I have moved out of my old address. And they would have realised their mistake and just closed the account like they should have done then.
    But instead they have chosen not to check that they have the correct details regarding my address and spring this on me now. Eighteen months after I have moved out of my old address. Through a third party,LCS, accusing me of still living at my old address and not paying any bills there.
    It is also on my credit report that I owe money to British Gas for my old address when I don't. Which could blot my credit record for nothing.
    It is humiliating to be accused of not paying my bills and owing money when I don't. Because I am no longer living at my old address. And also I am on benefits which is hard,yet I am paying every penny of my bills that I am supposed to pay. AND I have payed every bill for my time at my old address. And yet they are trying to bill me from 6th Dec 2009 to 18th July 2010. Which is eight months or maybe more perhaps. Time I have NEVER even lived at that address and something that the next tenant that has moved in there should be paying,not me. Barbara.
  • UPDATE- I spoke to British Gas on the phone just now. They said that they have made a mistake and I do not have to pay any gas or electric bill for my old address from 6th Dec 2009 to 18th July 2010 as they know I moved out on 6th Dec 2009. And the reopening of my account at my old address was an error on their part not mine.
    They told me to just send in that letter I have got from the council confirming I moved from my old address on 6th Dec 2009,which I have on me. And they will talk to the dept agency on my behalf and they will close the case.
    And British Gas will then send me a letter confirming I do not owe any money for my previous address between those dates and will not be billed for them.They have also told me that they will amend the incorrect information they have put on my credit report for me.Which refers to my old address and not my present one.
    So it seems that I just have to send in my letter from the council which I have got from them. To British Gas and the problem is solved. So that is what I will do. And I will make sure they put it in writing to me that I do not owe any money for my old address. Barbara.