09 Mar 2015

Where to meet people in Cardiff?

A question about : Where to meet people in Cardiff?

I'm wondering if someone can suggest good places to meet people and make friends in central Cardiff towards Cathays for little or no money?

By little or no money, I mean I'm broke and can't spend Ј30 a month on classes, I can spare enough to buy a coffee from a cafe.

By 'people' I mean not student related for preference title=Wink Also, I've issues with alcohol, so please don't suggest pubs.

09 Mar 2015

Plumber in SE Wales

A question about : Plumber in SE Wales

Looks like the old house needs a bit of attention... leaky pipe in the hot water cupboard, and now the shower temperature has gone odd.

Who knows a good plumber who'd come to Newport for some work?

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09 Mar 2015

Long gone Night-clubs of Cardiff

A question about : Long gone Night-clubs of Cardiff

I well remember Rob Brydon's comment in Gavin & Stacey:

The last time I went out on a 'night-out' in Cardiff - went to Bumpers

Can you remember Bumpers? Where else do you remember going 'out-on-the-town' ??

For example the Echo yesterday had a picture of the old Capital Cinema - anyone remember the dance hall in the basement - Capital Rendezvous?

09 Mar 2015

Welcome to the WALES board

A question about : Welcome to the WALES board

...welcome all and especially any new visitors linking from the email title=Smile

don't forget to look at the main site and Martin's articles here

and the rest of the chat forum here