26 Feb 2015

Car insurance co. Recommendations?

A question about : Car insurance co. Recommendations?

Hi, my daughter is getting her younger brothers cast off car.
He is in Bristol and is 23. She is in Cardiff and is 27.
The company he has his policy with are going to charge her more than they did him! I can only guess it must be down to the postcode.
Could anybody please give me the names of people they use for young person insurance?We thought maybe a Welsh company might be cheaper.
We don't know any as not from there.

26 Feb 2015

Vet recommendation Bridgend

A question about : Vet recommendation Bridgend

My Dalmatian, Jon, is registered with Shepherds Veterinary Practice in Bridgend. Not had an issue with them other than finding them quite expensive historically.

Any alternative recommendations would be appreciated in the Bridgend area?


26 Feb 2015

Blackwood Cinema NOW OPEN!!!

A question about : Blackwood Cinema NOW OPEN!!!

The new cinema is now up and running!

They don't accept Orange Wednesday vouchers but at Ј2.50 Monday to Friday and Ј3.50 on weekends, its still cheaper!

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