26 Feb 2015

A question about : Upgrade to andoid/iphone??

I'm considering buying a new mobile handset for PAYG since my current phone the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic wont take 99% of apps that could be useful. I'm not looking to buy the latest all bells & whistles iphone type thing just need something that will take apps can be used as GPS for the car and phone/texts with Bluetooth & camera.

What would folk recommend as a sensible buy?

Best answers:

  • Moto G new Android .
    All depends upon how much you want to spend .
  • Ј99 brand new
    unlock code Ј2 off ebay
    very good reviews
    use it myself
  • Would not buying an earlier iphone/Android be a cheaper option since to be honest all I use the phone for is phone/text occasional GPS and camera so wouldnt use half the functions.
  • theres a Moto E for about Ј40 new but the cameras atrocious
    old Iphone below that prices is going to be slow, Moto G is quad core and quick.Had Iphones before and would'nt go back
  • What's the difference between the E & the G?
  • Ok say for example I did buy the Moto G new Android phone from Tesco I presume it wont work with my O2 PAYG sim so will have to change my number/sim and service provider?
  • unlock for Ј1.69
    will work on ANY network then
  • That's cheap. Cost a LOT more to unlock my wife's phone.
    I presume they use a standard sim like the Nokia 5800 so just slide it in?
    Also I presume even though its unlocked it will have some TESCO network stuff stuck on the phone I cant remove?
  • Don't think it does.
  • its a nano sim card , I rang O2 up and they sent me a 4g one in the post
  • Mind you since I'm on PAYG I suppose I could just transfer my number to Tesco mobile since they seem to use O2 network so wont loose coverage.
  • After two years with an Android phone, I switched to iPhone last month. I liked my Android phone, but the iPhone experience is very much better than smartphone. iPhone makes me realize how great a job Apple has done.
  • There are some really good offers around on Lumia /windows phones which if you just want basic apps would be fine.
    The 'drive' app is preloaded and pretty good as a satnav.
    If you are currently on O2 pay as you go then you should be able to 'upgrade' with carphone warehouse and get a Lumia 535 for under Ј50 - it will be on a par with the Moto G.
    I really loved my windows phones and despite the bad rep for apps I actually miss some of the functionality now I have moved to android (e.g the fabulous inbuilt calendar and calendar notifications).
    535 is probably the best budget option, 520 and530 are cheaper but less good, 735 is more expensive but has a better camera and 4g.
  • I forgot the 635 - available on upgrade too. Better internals than the 520/530, also has 4g.
    535 - no 4g but has got camera flash. 635 no flash and smaller screen
    Long story short - worth considering a windows phone - decent ones seem cheaper than decent android/iphone alternatives.
    Though worth probably trying to get a hands on to see if you like them
  • I prefer Nav Free as a free Sat Nav app.