09 Mar 2015

A question about : Universal Credit query

Universal Credit is due to set out in my area very soon

Ive been searching for a job in which I would be able to undertake without damaging my health and I think I've found one! Hooray!

I used a benefits checker and my entitlement to TC was approx 110pw - and partial housing benefit of Ј60 - they couldn't be 100% due to certain information.

Although under UC, with the exact information, the amount is about half. I've never heard much of UC but is it basically cutting back all benefit payments or am I misinterperating the information?

Either way I'm a bit disappointment but not that fussed due to be back into work (if successful) title=Big

Best answers:

  • To expand on the above - 'work will always pay' - on UC was the initial stated policy - but in many cases, in reality it won't.
    As one stark example - if you're getting help with UC for your mortgage of say 100/week, and get a part time job earning 20 pounds a week - the entirety of the help for your mortgage goes away, leaving you 80 pounds down. Similarly - people in work - say saving for a house, with tax credits coming in, when they go onto UC - if those savings exceed 16K - they will not be entitled to UC.
    To be clear- everyone does not lose.
    Is not entirely accurate, but is a good general summation.
  • If someone is saving for a house and has over Ј16,000 in savings they wouldn't be entitled to means tested benefits anyhow would they ?
  • Hi quick question for all of you for claiming JSA. Ileft my job on the 9th of september 2014. It is now 24th feb, 2015. I left my job voluntarily (things got stressful) and have read I would have to wait 6 months to claim. Knowing this, I decided to wait 6 months to make a claim. Will this work? Can I claim jsa 6 months after leaving my job without any sanctions? thank you!!