26 Feb 2015


A question about : Bankruptcy

I was wondering if anyone still serving as filed for bankruptcy? We are looking to wipe the slate clean, Its a it more than that but we have seven years left in the forces. and so what not be looking for house until after that period. Do the MOD have to know about it etc etc? I am looking for anyone with experience in it.


26 Feb 2015

Army won't pay?

A question about : Army won't pay?

My son in law joined the army in September 2000, and served until July 2014 when he left voluntarily. He tells me is entitled to a payment what is known in the army as twelve years money. I'm not sure what this money is, but I think it is half pension. Anyway, since leaving the army, they have been avoiding paying out this money. And today that told him he is not entitled to the payment as he falls short by a couple of months. He has been talking with them over the phone and they would not give any reason for not paying this money