09 Mar 2015

A question about : transfers in ?

Hoping to move my bank ISA (cash) into the new Post office fixwd two year cash ISA. Know I can move it across but if I do it today, can I move more money into it in say October, and say again next april (new tax year). If answer is yes, hoe does this effect 'fixed tem'- does the 'new' money still get the 1.95 %, and can it all be withdrawn after 2 years /

Best answers:

  • Have you read the T&Cs for the ISA you are interested in? http://www.postoffice.co.uk/dam/pdf/..._july_2014.pdf
    Let's, for example, assume it did say in there "[I]No additional deposits or withdrawals are permitted during the fixed term". That would then mean you can't make any additional deposits. Quite simple, really.
  • People come to sites like this in case anyone has the snap answer to their question and for a social interaction.
    Stupid answers to check the Ts and Cs are really stupid from really stupid people - why do you bother