26 Feb 2015

A question about : Toys r us

I purchased a playmobil police station and free advent calendar for my 4 year old grandson (on his wish list). Delivery was due by Thursday, never arrived, the Hermes site saidOrder generated
I chased it on Saturday and was emailed that you have to wait 5 days before we can chase it.

I wrote back, I would rather you replace them and I will send the original one back if it arrives, please.

I certainly do not want my grandson to be disappointed, as one of the items is an advent calendar which now cannot be bought on line.
I am very disappointed. I have placed quite a number of orders recently, and was just telling others how great the service is.
Your apologies would be of no use to a four year old who believes in Santa, will it?

But to no avail. Today I got the dreaded reply that it was damaged in transit and there were no calendars (little figures inside - Ј16.99).
I was fuming, and said they could ring me.

It transpires that ToysRus on line are nothing to do with the shops, so they couldn't get one in store and neither could they send anything as a freebie (apology) cos they don't do it.

The call ended with me telling hime that I will never order from them again.

Had to pay Ј16.97 from Amazon.

No money saving with T R Us then!

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  • What a shame. I'm sorry to hear that!
  • Aww im sorry to hear of that awful service! I have a 4 year old that is only really beginning to understand the magic of christmas and i know id be crushed if anything happened!!!
    I hear a lot of bad stories from Hermes !! if you were to ever order from T R U again (which i wouldn't blame you if you didn't) be easier to collect from store!!!
    Hermes really should be called Herpes lol
  • never have anything delivered from hermes or parcelnet as they will break everything! Its worth paying the extra 2 quid for the better delivery company as you will more than likely get it and it be in one piece
  • Here's my experience at a Peterborough store on Sunday. Having gone to the store to purchase an XBOX 360 console and a game, I was informed by their website that the game and the console was indeed in stock. I travelled to the store, I found the game and was told by an employee to take a ticket from the shelf (for the XBOX 360) to the checkout, pay for the items and then proceed to the collection point. I did all this and when the gentleman went to collect the goods, he brought the game back but said that the console that I had paid for with a debit card was out of stock (when even his computer system told him that they were in stock). Clearly there was a problem, and being concerned that I would not be able to procure my sons Christmas gift in time I suggested that I be refunded the money I had already paid and I could go elsewhere to make my purchase. The gentleman very politely explained that all they could do was refund my card but that the funds would not be available to me for up to 5 days! This was really not an option for me and I think restricted my rights as a consumer to purchase goods at a time and place of my choice. Because the money I had paid was no longer available to me at that time. I could not then go elsewhere to a store who did have the XBOX 360 and purchase it there. I then thought about a compromise whereby the store did have an upgraded package but at a cost of over Ј100 more than I wanted to or could afford to spend. I suggested that if we could reduce the cost of this package by removing the extras in the package I could spend a bit more and walk out of the store with an XBOX 360, albeit having spent more than I wanted to. The gentleman explained that only the store manager could make any decision on this. I asked to speak to the store manager. I was then confronted (literally confronted) by the store manager and I have never in my life experienced someone in a position of responsibilty with such a disregard for a customer. Having explained my situation to her, she was very indignant I was told that she would not be able to provide the goods I tried to purchase and she could not give me my funds to purchase elsewhere but that the refund would go back on the card and I would have to wait however long it took. She would not even attempt to listen to any compromise that I tried to suggest. I then suggested to her that if you can't provide the goods I had paid for and you can't give me my money back, in effect you have stolen my money (figuratively speaking, of course). I was then asked to leave the store without either an XBOX or my funds. This all happened in front of the many customers in the store on a Sunday afternoon providing a spectacle that caused myself considerable embarassment and left me with a feeling that I had in fact done something wrong? This "manager" soon disappeared and I was left with another employee. We then found a compromise whereby I did end up spending a lot more than I had intended, I received the goods and left the store. This manager was inconceivably abrupt and not at all sympathetic to the situation I found myself in. A situation I hasten to add was caused by one or more aspects of TOYS R US administration. This manager was in preference and very keen to simply have me ejected from the store. I was not angry, I was not shouting, I did not deserve the treatment I received in that store. I returned home very perturbed by my efforts to shop at TOYS R US, an experience I will never forget and one I hope I will never experience again. An absolute nightmare. Effectively forced into buying a more expensive item or risk not getting my sons christmas present at all.
  • Wow. Shocking service from Toys R Us, but that doesn't surprise me, I don't think their customer service is up to much.
    Not sure what right's you'd have in the situation above. But, I think as you'd paid you rightfully own the goods and the contract is complete. I think you'd have been within your rights to have refused the refund too, and got them to source you an Xbox. That's not much good though when Christmas is looming and you want to keep kids happy!
    Shame on Toys R Us.
  • Not to do with Toys R Us but is Hermes related. My Hermes courier takes almost a fortnight to deliver my items she always says she attempted delivery, I was out and she ran out of cards to leave me. Now unless she ALWAYS comes when Im on the school run I doubt shes really coming and if so after 18 months of this has she not worked it out Im on a school run especially as she knows Ive a 5 year old!
    Ive ordered from 4 companies in the past 2 weeks and all of the parcels are with Hermes Im dreading them not coming and my 2 DD's going without. I remember last year my youngest had 6 presents and all my husbands presents didn't come as they were with her we had heavy snow so she couldnt get here but the snow cleared the day before xmas eve and when I rang her she said she had decided she wasn't delivering anymore until after xmas. When I rang Next I was told well we can't force her to deliver!
  • my Hermes driver is fantastic, always polite, nothing ever broken on delivery, always returns when he says he wil, leaves a card when he misses me, and even gave me his home phone number to arrange suitable times for re-deliverys and collections! I have got him a bottle of port for christmas to say thanks for being so fab at his job! lol
  • Fireitup that was awful - I've struggled with Toys R Us in the past but never that bad - you've truly put me off going. Can they really take your money and then take 5 days to put it back on??? That is really worrying and I honestly don't know what i would've done had I been put in that position.
  • The service received by fireitup is completely unacceptable. While it is not always possible to reach a solution everyone is happy with, there is no excuse for this utter lack of customer empathy.
    However, the only thing to bear in mind is that it may not be the fault of Toys'R'Us that the refund could not be immediately refunded. Having worked with customer service I know that refunds done via a PDQ terminal - the usual way cards refunds are done - can take between 3 and 5 days regardless of the seller; This is an issue with the banking network and NOT the retailer.
    Most stores have a policy that refunds for payments made by card can only be put back on card rather than in cash; otherwise this would have provided an easy potential solution in the matter.
    At the end of the day, often it depends on the person you end up dealing with far more than the company you are dealing with.
  • Hermes have a contract to fulfill next's deliveries and she is paid by Hermes to do a job so if she cant do the job why should she get paid!
    I assume your a courier
  • No, I'm not, but I know a Hermes courier really quite well
  • So sorry to hear that basically you have been robbed by TRU, though unfortunately Im not suprised. I had my own xmas nightmare with them.
    I ordered quite a few high priced goods for my niece and nephew for xmas and paid via paypal. I gave them my delivery address at checkout. After waiting a week I checked online and it said my goods had been signed for. Confused I emailed TRU as I hadnt received the items. I was told that they had delivered to my old address that they had got from paypal, I was so confused by now as I have lived in my new address for over 5 years and everything thing else i have paid for with paypal comes to the correct address. I sent an e mail explaining the situation and asked if they could simply collect the items from my old address and redeliver to me. I was told that it wasnt their fault they had the wrong address and suggested I go and pick them up. I e mailed them again and told them that wasnt my job, they were in the wrong but did go to my old address, no one was in. I emailed paypal and they suggested I took up a dispute via paypal and they told me it wasnt my fault. After a few days I recieved an e mail from paypal saying that as TRU had provided a signed deliv note, it was my fault.
    I just couldnt believe what was happening, so I was left almost Ј100 down and there is nothing I can do. I will never ever order from them again. Im also a bit peeved that paypal sided with them as ive never had a problem with paypal. Had to re-order more gifts from argos which were delivered quickly and without issue.
  • From what I have heard about TRU I will never set foot in there again. THey are over priced, customer service is pants -I've hadprobs with them too, not recently, I refuse to pay their over inflated prices and if you have a look on their facebook page it is full of complaints. Ironically you have to 'like' them to post or whatever. So sorry for those of you who have had xmas ruined by these people!
  • Honestly i can see exactly where ur comin from. Toys r us peterborough used to be great but no way would i set foot in there now. The manager is a nightmare, never have i met such a rude and arrogant woman, sorry but same applies to the slightly chubby deputy. I dont know how the two of them got jobs in the first place. Talk about putting the customer first, they haven't got a clue!
    I had an issue trying to return a Faulty steriliser after 3 months the chubby of the two snatched the receipt from my hand. I would rather go without than add to their bonuses and why toys r us aren't doing anythin about the two, what i can only describe as idiots, in peterborough, i dont know.
    I have no plans to return to the peterborough store. Rude and arrogant to sum them up nicely. P.s im sure the rest of the staff are lovely!