09 Mar 2015

A question about : Time to pay direction. (Scotland)

Good Evening,

I am looking for some advice and maybe some clarification regarding a CCJ I have and a time to pay direction definition.
I got a CCJ in 21/02/11 from my residents amenities association, for not paying our annual maintenance bill for the cul-de-sac that we live in. It was taken to the small claims court where a decree for a time to pay direction was issued We paid the debt monthly and it was paid in time and in full.
I have since spoke to our committee and they have written a letter to us confirming that everything was paid correctly, and that quote :- we did not intend to apply judicial interest.
I understand that if you pay within 28 days a CCJ can be removed but what about this time to pay direction, surely with this letter I have and agreeing to the payments etc there is something that can be done, I have googled and searched this forum but I could do with some guidance.
And finally before you all fall asleep, where can I find the correct sequence to obtaining a court judgement against someone. They did it themselves without a lawyer, so as a last ditched attempt I would like to see if they made a mistake anywhere that would null and void their application i.e. wrong letter sent etc.


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