09 Mar 2015

A question about : Thursday 22nd March

When we start out on the DFW trail we do loads of big stuff that makes quite a difference to our situation. These include having our lightbulb moment, cutting up the credit cards and cancelling Sky and the gym.

But once we have done the bigger stuff, we often feel that we are not making the same amount of progress, when in fact the small steps are helping us form good financial habits and helping us get closer everyday to staying in control and becoming debt free, or staying debt free.

Examples could be hanging washing out instead of using the tumble dryer or leaving your purse/wallet at home to avoid the risk of spending.

So be proud of those small steps, they really are important

I fear a double thread but can't see one so I will carry on...

Hello everyone!

Hope you're all raring to go on this sunny Thursday morning, it'll soon be Friday title=Smile

Today I will:-
Cycle to work & home again
Food from stores
Leftovers for lunch
Make use of free water/milk at work
Stay in for my lunchbreak to avoid spending other than to go to the post office & check postage needed for wedding invitations, then I can get printing away & send them! - Grr, it'll be a large letter...hand delivering as much as possible me thinks!
Log calories using free app
Charge phone at work
Check for surveys
Enter comps
Check online banking
Try & keep the heating off
Work on wedding related tasks
Take a look at diary to ensure I am up to date & prepared for everything coming
Check cashback
Check fleabay
Dinner from meal plan - Chicken tonight, rice & veg
Take refillable water bottle to Pole & get a lift there
Read Martin's email - Got coupon for a free Thornton's caramel egg, yum
Have a great, MSE day everyone x

Best answers:

  • Morning perni - thanks for starting us off! I know what you mean re the worry!
    Small things for me today:
  • checked banking - a mysterious amount of money has arrived in our joint acc must ask oh! its oh's!
  • check cc statements - refund finally on card!
  • shifted some funds into savings/stoozing acc
  • brekkie, lunch & dinner from stores
  • porridge at work to use work's milk
  • onepoll
  • walk in my lunch break
  • grab something out of the freezer for dinner
  • shopping with dd after work, will only buy the 4 things on my shopping list, unless there are some decent reduced items
  • take a couple of carrier bags so don't have to pay for them
  • work out money I need to transfer from savings to pay for holiday on Monday
  • post jeans being returned - Ј41 back into the overspend
  • post birthday card for my friend
  • That's all I need to do. This week has got to be the longest week ever!!!! Have a good day x

  • Morning everyone!
    + Check banking
    + Post eBay sales
    + All meals from stores
    + Pay in cheque if it arrives. Chased this once already and still nothing
    + Get my eyebrows done. Know lots of people do their own but mine need professional help
    + Wait impatiently for payday tomorrow! Looking forward to making payments
    Have a lovely day all
  • Hi all
    Thanks for starting off Pern and hi Yorp and DNMS!
    Today I will:
    - nag for a P11D so can do more on the tax return
    - washing on low
    - plan for the overspends, how we can fit within our budget
    - dinner from stores
    - lots of children's stuff so should be a LSD
  • Morning all
    Still full of this head cold - in bed and feeling guilty for being off work - but intense pain when I move my head - ouch - so think best I stay in bed, but still feel bad..
    Not planning on any spends - no shopping websites - just money saving tips online :-)
    Have a good day all x
  • Good morning everyone it is a lovely sunny day here today.
    Pernicious - Thanks for starting us off this morning.
    My list for today:
    Catch up with emails done
    Quick shower rather than a bath done
    Check for surveys done
    Look into jobs
    Check ebay done
    Check cashback done
    Read Martins email
    Find paperwork that is needed for tax credits update, PPI and bank charges
    All meals from stores done
    Do work that is in for today Most of the work done will finish the rest tomorrow.
    Send email to client regarding work hours and update diary done
    Take dd for a walk and collect ds from school done
    Sort out paperwork for R.M surveys done
    Work on wedding related tasks work in progress
    Collect up washing and do full loads and hang outside work in progress
    Check airer - iron and put away done
    Check budget calculator to see how yesterday will affect me done I just hope it is right as it will mean that I will have Ј250 extra.
    Water veg/fruit plants done
    I think that is everything that I need to get done today. Hope everyone has a sunny Thursday.
  • Good Morning all
    Perni - Thanks for starting us off
    Yargo - Sorry to hear your still not well, hope another quiet day makes you feel more human
    Today I will : (very repititive but helping at the moment)
    Work (11.30-1.30) - Done
    Check Banks - Done
    Check Swapits - Done
    Keep up to date with surveys - Done
    Keep on top of emails - Done
    Update food tracker (30.5lb off) - in progress
    Read - Done
    Quick tidy round - Done
    20 mins on Yantra mat -
    Comps -
    Drop bag off at Charity Shop - Done (2 bags actually)
    Filing & Shredding
    Washing (Towels) - Done and now on line drying and hoping for the sun to make its appearance
    Bake (?)
    Ponder why my psoriasis has flared up
    Knitting (?)
    Ponder why Im bored
    Hope you all have a great day, catch you all later, love you all
    C xx
  • DNMS - Oh you are good posting those jeans back, you must be pretty close to being back on track now!
    Yargo - Hope you feel better soon
    Ziggy - I've worked out why I'm not entering so many comps these days, FB isn't showing me when you share the ones you've entered! I think I will have to add to my list "Look at Ziggy's FB page" to remind me to enter some
  • Another late entry from me! Today I have been mostly shredding old paperwork as I had ds home sick from school, again.
    So today I:
  • Took ds to doctors so at least got some free kids ibuprofen!
  • Meals from stores.
  • Wasn't a nsd as I needed chocolate.
  • Washing on airer.
  • Heating on for kids baths then off.
  • Worked out finances for remainder of March. Don't think I can make an overpayment to cc, grr.
  • Husband not going to his club tonight as can't afford it.
  • No wine!
  • Tomorrow I am meeting a friend for a coffee, but it will only be 'a' coffee as I have Ј3.34 in purse!!
    Have a good Friday everyone.