26 Feb 2015

A question about : Strictly for football supporters only


Following on from Blulu's Songs for World Cup fab thread

Now England are 'coming home' who is your bet to win the World Cup?

To kick things off (see what I did there! title=ROTFL) my back up team I'm rooting for to lift the cup is....

Holland /

So, what's yours?

This is just for fun - sorry, no prizes, other than the kudos that you 'know your football' plus you get to be super smug that you were right!!

Best answers:

  • Argentia (yeah I know) but Sergio and Zab play for them and Belgium too 'cos of Vinny
  • Given the relatively dismal Italian performances and the early departures of Spain and England I might be tempted to conclude that the Europeans are not going to hold up well in the heat / humidity of South America. That being so I'm going to pop my last sixpence on Costa Rica
  • My son has Netherlands at school, so we are routing for them. Daughter got Honduras, who weren't the cleanest of players...
  • When there's a match on the Tv between 2 teams that i'm not interested in i couldn't be bothered, i'm sure there'll be something better on one of the channels.
    I don't care who wins now.
  • Well, I don't think it will be Bosnia Herzegovinia, or Nigeria, judging by the match I'm currently watching
    I had - like so many - thought Spain were going to do it again, but that's obviously not going to happen now.
    Going with my heart, I want to say Netherlands, but they always do well at the start and middle of the competition, but begin to pale towards the end... Always the bridesmaid, never the bride and all that!
    So... Going with my head, I will say Germany (despite the shaky match against Ghana - far outweighed, in my opinion, by their performance against Portugal).
  • Well, now that Spain are out I really want Uruguay to win. Mainly in the hopes that Cavani will take his top off if they do!!
  • *stops comping for at least 5 mins to objectify the topless footballer on my screen* !!!! (sorry guys!)
  • Costa Rica
    I'm cheering on all the underdogs.
    Iran and Ghana have done brilliant today.
    Realistically, i think Holland, Germany, Brazil, and France will all do very well. I don't feel confident in picking the two finalists and a possible winner as this World Cup has definately been unpredictable.
  • France are going well under the radar at the moment
    money is still on argentina though
  • I don't think Argentina have played that great actually. The same with Brazil.
    Not in the same league as they have played before.
  • Isn't it always the ones that start off quite average that end up winning it though aurorablues?
    And yes, in terms of European team I agree with sax, there's only France (and Holland to an extent) that have looked capable of winning it. But I think it will go to a S. American team.
  • *Warning a controversial conspiracy post*
    The Fifa !!!!! will allow Brazil to win, to prevent widespread violence marring the World Cup.
    This would explain the extremely dodgy penalty they were awarded in the opening game.
    the word M a f i a is a swear word on this forum?
  • That's the spirit everyone!! See - England who?!!
    Nice to have some positive banter about the footie
    So, punts so far:
    Me - Holland
    MB - Argentina
    CheCazzo - Costa Rica
    jacwins - Holland
    Jess - Germany
    Honey - Uruguay
    sax - Argentina
    aurora - Costa Rica
    Remember, you can only choose one team (no hedging your bets!! )
    Anyone else???
    Oh, and any more 'pec pics' are more than welcome (thanks Jess, I enjoyed that one too!)
    mclarkie - Brazil
    ness - France