26 Feb 2015

A question about : Strange Direct Debit -BISL BACS ACCOUNT

Just checked my bank statement I have a direct debit for Ј25 from BISL BACS ACCOUNT, has anyone got a clue who they are think it may have been bank fraud???

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  • Have you had any isurance dealings of late? I found this
    http://www.yesinsurance.co.uk/privacy.html BISL is mentioned a lot there.
  • Contact your bank - they should be able to tell you who it is - if you dont recognise it get them to refund your account and they will send it back to the Originator...they will soon be in touch!!
  • Under the direct debit guarantee scheme, you should be notified in advance of how much and when the money will be taken (and by who). If this doesn't happen, contact your BANK and ask for a full and immediate refund under the direct debit guarantee scheme. The reason in your case is that you have no idea who this is from and have not been notified as required. If the bank try to say it isn't their responsibililty (some do ) you can report them to BACS who will soon sort them out. Post back if you get problems.
  • Budget Insurance ?
  • Have you bought a car from Yes Car credit?
    Yes insurance is a division of Provident Financial, who also do door step loans at astronomical interest rates.
  • It's definitely Budget Insurance
  • Hi
    I work for a bank and as previous posters have said it is Budget Insurance Services Limited.
    They underwrite for lots of different insurance companies.
    Best thing to do is contact your bank and ask for the telephone number of the company and the reference they have taken the payment with (the ref is normally the policy number).
    If they are unable to supply this info ask for the dd originator number and ill check it for you.
  • I've tracked it down as the Post Office, they should be abit clearer especially when they just take it out in weird chunks.
    I contacted my bank (Lloyds) and its so far taken them 15 days to track it down. Bloody useless.
  • I can confirm it IS Budget Insurance , as i have it coming out of my account for my car ins thats with budget !!
  • I've just had the same and upon reading this I've figured out its my newly switched car insurance with the Post Office. Cheers, useful page.
  • Hi guys,
    I've just had "BISL Bacs Account First Payment" come up. I googled it and found this forum.
    I recently changed my insurance, but I changed to M&S, and I reconise their DDs. I havent brought anything from the post office, so I have no idea what this is!?
    Any ideas?
  • Ah phoned up Budget - M&S insurance is through them after all. I just thought it was strange because the other DD with them (I have two policys) showed on the statement as M&S Insurance bla bla... so why the other one is suddenly BISL I dont know...oh well at least I know what it is lol.
  • mine was definately for budget insurance
  • i have just noticed a DD come out from these and found this after googling, and thank you as i was about to ring the bank and kick off but have now realised it is my M&S car insurance,
  • Same again, googled, and found you all. My insurance is thru IBuyEco, who also seem to be based at Orton in Peterborough. I get the impression all these companies are using the 1 intermediary to produce insurance packages.
  • hiya all, ive just checked my bank as i had an inital payment go out of it last week of Ј22-00, and after checking it today there has been Ј25 taken out. i to have checked this BISL thing and have found all you lot have had the same thing... is it legal?...
    when i checked my D/Debits on line it has been put down for Ј25 to be taken out my account weekly...i to have taken insurance with IBUY, and it seems other people have had the same problems.. please can some one advise me as ive also has a bloody charge for Ј38-00 because there wasnt enough money in account when a check was cashed..
  • I had the same thing in my account. I was having Ј15 taken out every month then I had two incoming payments of Ј25. I googled it and ended up here. After looking into it, it is home insurance done through the Post Office. Bonus is that they incoming payments were the cashback I was expecting to wait 9 months for.
    So if you have recently set up finance or insurance it's probably that...if not....get in touch with the bank.
  • thanks for this forum because i've just had the same issue... it used to show as the post office...