25 Feb 2015

Virgin 9months 0% NO FEE

A question about : Virgin 9months 0% NO FEE

Following Martin's mail this morning, I quickly popped on and put an application in and got Ј3k. Great. However, I had to estimate the BT amount for two CC's and I put in a higher figure. I always pay the cards off each month, so I have no idea what exactly will be owing when the transfer goes through, but we are doing some Home Improvement work shortly which the above will cover. Do they pay the amount you say, or the os balance? Also did I read somewhere you can have BT paid into your Bank Account.

25 Feb 2015

Best 0% card is Harley-Davidson ?

A question about : Best 0% card is Harley-Davidson ?

The Harley-Davidson Platinum Credit Card seems to be a good card with 0% for BTs for 9 months with zero fee. It is by Bank of Scotland at www.picture-cards.co.uk

25 Feb 2015

Marks & Spencer &More Travellers Cheques

A question about : Marks & Spencer &More Travellers Cheques

Am I getting the run around here?

M&S &More cc 8k limit.

25 Feb 2015

MBNA scrap SBTs

A question about : MBNA scrap SBTs

Just spotted this:


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