09 Mar 2015

credit card repayment

A question about : credit card repayment

Hello... em facing skme financial difficulties n not able to make monthly payments.. hav prepard financial statment however american express is not accepting it as they wanted me to includs my patner income n expenditure details as well. I do not want his details to be include... as both of us deal e our own seprate financial issuss. In FS i have only inc luded my share of expenditure .. my question is ..can they force his details to include? What iz legal position ..

25 Feb 2015

Moving in with partner who lives in council house

A question about : Moving in with partner who lives in council house

My girlfriend lives in a council house, and I am planning to move in with her but I have no idea about the the criteria and how it will effect her current situation.

Girlfriends circumstance!
council flat
Job seekers allowance
Has a 5 year old child

25 Feb 2015

Stoozing Calculator

A question about : Stoozing Calculator

Hi folks,

As part of the update of the Stoozing: Make Free Cash from Credit Cards article, we've added a calculator to make working out your wonderful profits easier

Stoozing Calculator

Hopefully this will be useful for some of you


25 Feb 2015

Stoozing success

A question about : Stoozing success

Hope this is the correct forum.

A year ago today I began my stoozing plan. I tried to get friends interested but they thought it was too much hassle. Well I have just been paid out by cahoot, and added to the interest from my ISAs I have made just over Ј1,000!

Too much hassle? Don't think so. Plus I must admit to quite enjoying all the spreadsheeting I have had to do to keep track of my cards & accounts.