09 Mar 2015

Energy savings

A question about : Energy savings

I am trying to sign up for today's dealwith sainsbury energy but my previous address was abroad and not recognised on the form any suggestions to get by this ?

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09 Mar 2015

Highest limit 0% purchase card for stoozing

A question about : Highest limit 0% purchase card for stoozing

Hi All,

Looking to do a serious bit of stoozing. I am confident that I will be accepted for pretty much any card, so was wondering which of the 0% spending cards offers the highest limit?

If any of the high limit cards offer rewards bonus points that would be a plus.

09 Mar 2015

Should I Dump my Aqua and Get Something Better

A question about : Should I Dump my Aqua and Get Something Better

As always when making posts here, a quick summary will probably be the best!

Last year I applied for the Halifax Clarity and got declined. I then found the calculator on here that told me I had 0% chance of passing, and I was mad with myself for wasting a credit check. I applied to Aqua and got their card without a problem, and while it's been great for spending outside of the UK on, the 34% APR isn't too hot.

09 Mar 2015

Punished for stoozing?

A question about : Punished for stoozing?

With some major purchases in mind I decided to stooze on the 0% halifax credit card. I've loads of trouble with the card which initially didn't work at all, and now will only work when I don't have to put in a pin.