26 Feb 2015

A question about : Skillens Competition [text deleted by forum team]

Don't know if you're aware but there was a competition on the Skillens Facebook page to win a diamond ring. Yesterday they announced their winner, but the winner actually posted thanking everybody as Skillens!!! She was logged into their account so she obviously works for them & she must have forgotten that she was logged into the Skillens account instead of her personal one! Someone managed to take a screenshot of it here:


Just thought i'd share for you all! title=EEK!

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  • Naughty!
    I won a years fuel on facebook on Friday and people were hinting that they thought I worked for the company.. I wasnt impressed. I didnt realise comapnies actually do this!!
  • Wow, thanks for sharing. I hadn't seen this as I avoid the 'like and share' comps like the plague because they are so open to abuse by cheats, both on the entrant side and the company side.
    They are against Facebook rules and it says a lot about the people running the company if they can't follow basic rules.
    In this case running the competition via an app probably wouldn't have affected the outcome anyway. It's disgraceful if true. It makes you think about how often this happens, I can only hope it's very seldom!
  • Yep it does make you wonder how often these things happen & most of the time they'll not get found out.
  • The comment has been removed and strangely the winner is now nowhere to be seen, neither of her daughter's are about now either.
    They were calling everyone bad losers yesterday. Oooops!
  • There was another last year from a gallery, can't remember the name though
  • I have seen the screenshots from this when she posted from there account ,you couldnt make it up ,am very happy as they were calling people Sour english losers earlier before they got caught out!
  • yep just been reading over on fb,........not good ;(
  • Page has now disappeared
  • Page has now been deleted!! :O
  • Someone should give that to the newspapers.
    They deserve to be shown up.
  • not good at all , wish EVERYONE would boycott the oh so easy to cheat at like and share comps they are irritating and so easy to set up another account and "win" your own comp ... brutal business this comping malarky
  • I'm on to it
  • Is anyone good at finding cached pages?
    We could do with a copy of the winning picture from their page
  • Breeze Art gallery
  • Bahaha totally sprung! What losers
  • There's a picture of the 'winner' and also the 'slip' she made in answering...people had been taking screenshots before they took the site down.
    It's all in CONNED BY COMPS