09 Mar 2015

Cheap Energy Club form

A question about : Cheap Energy Club form

Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place. Just wanted to understand why I couldn't fill in my Meter Number on the form to do the swap today. I have a mixture of Letters and Digits which show on my energy statement so couldn't supply the required number of digits. Just a small enquiry really as it's too late to do anything now. Thanks for any response, Elaine

09 Mar 2015

Why do some users behave as if they owned the forum?

A question about : Why do some users behave as if they owned the forum?

I have noticed that some users here, who are not either mods or admin, and some of them have been registered for less than a year, create threads such as: The ultimate XXXXX thread, or The Official 2015 XXX thread.

And then when somebody mentions the same topic on another thread, they act as vigilantes and tell them off for not posting on their thread?

09 Mar 2015

How do I change my screen name?

A question about : How do I change my screen name?

I seem to be able to change EVERYTHING apart from my screen name. Is this possible without having to re-register? If I DO have to re-register, how do I delete my original profile?

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09 Mar 2015

Sponsored Posts

A question about : Sponsored Posts

I have not seen sponsored posts as post 5 in this thread http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/....php?t=5178149

Are they new?

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